05 November 2013



Here is an email about transfers. Every six weeks we may or may not move areas, change companions, or train. Thus far on the mission, I have had 12 companions. I´ve never been one to have many dreams or vision as revelation. But this week was full of them, and I never knew to take them seriously or not! We have an investigator who was drinking a bit and said he had a dream with me and my companion. He said that I was leaving and saying goodbye. This investigator was crying hysterically because he didn´t want me to leave (he likes blondes). When this investigator told us this dream my companion and I looked at each other and started laughing because we knew transfers were coming up (today). 

On sunday night President and Sister Andrezzo went out with us to see how we are working. We (me... because my companion doesn´t talk much) begged and pleaded to know about transfers. They wouldn´t tell us. But they called our Zone Leader saying that Sister Clark is dying to know about transfers, so make sure to call her first. Sunday night/ Monday morning I dreampt that I was talking with President Andrezzo and he was asking for my opinion on a lot of problems of the other  missionaries. Lets just say transfers stress me out especially with my track record of always moving and always changing companions. 

Today we heard about transfers and it turns out I will be Síster Lider Treinadora! In this newly created leadership position (created a few months ago) I will be doing divisions with 6 other Sister duplas. The beginning of every week me and my companion will travel to do these other areas to motivate and strenghten the work in their areas. I am super excited for this opportunity and I know that it will strengthen my testimony and help the mission grow! My companion with be Sister Santana (my 13th companion). Its her last transfer on the mission so we are going to make it count!! 

This gospel is true, it is perfect and beautiful! Thank you for all of your prayers and support!
-Sister Clark

1. Lauroween (halloween party in Lauro de Freitas) OBVIOUSLY i was Síster Barbie! All thekids always say I look like barbie, so it was an easy costume!

2. Meet Avó. The ward grandmother to the missionaries. Sweetest lady you will ever meet!

3. I need more art in my life. So i think I went overboard with my wall with pictures of the gospel!

4. HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! introduced my companion to all things halloween!

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