18 November 2013


Dear Family,

I think my entire life I have always criticized people who didn´t want to accept callings in the church because they felt unqualified. I always thought God is the one who has called you, so obviously He will qualify, and help you every step of the way! I have always known that anything is possible with the Lord! Just put your trust in Him! This week I had to keep telling myself that! Every second of the day I had to recite 1 Nephi 3:7. My companion and I did 2 divisions with other Sisters. One set of Sisters are 3 hours away and the others live with us. We also had 3 brothers who were preparing to be baptized. We also are moving to an apartment that is actually near our ward boundries (right now we live in another ward´s boundries!). 

This week was one of the best, hardest weeks I have had on the mission. 
The three brothers were not baptized, I slept on a cold floor for 2 nights, getting no sleep, I fell on the sidewalk and skinned my knee at 5:30 am before catching the bus back to my area, I peed my pants (skirt) because I was so exhaused- yes Im a Clark girl!!!!
It was all worth it! 

I learned a ton doing a division with the 2 sets of Sisters. I learned a lot about keeping our investigators animated, motivated, and really working to know their needs. I learned that a lot of missionaries just don´t know how to organize things, they know how to teach, and always have the presence of the Holy Ghost, but the organization part is what really is lacking in a ton of missionaries! 

Working with these three brothers y companion gave it our all. Their neighbor was definitely the enemy- being the negative influence saying they don´t need to be baptized this week, but when they grow up they can be baptized. I literally felt like we were working against the devil, who lived right next door to our baptismal candidates. 

We bought all of our furniture and waited fo rthe moving truck to come.
All of this in one week! I told my companion that I am scared that I will never reach my limites and I will just go-go-go, and never stop because I know the Lord is on my side and I am not on this mission to help myself, I am here to help others 100%.

This church is true. I love it! What a blessing it is to be diligently working to proclaim peace everyday through this work and by example.
Thank you for your prayers, support, and love!
-Sister Clark

1. eating a cheese popsicle- surprisingly it want too bad!
2. blessings of the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know all of you want to see this!
3. my first division! it was hilarious to see how scared the other sisters are of me..... yikes!!!! little do they know i just here to motivate and go crazy with this wonderful work!!

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