18 November 2013


Dear Family,

This week was amazing! Working with another Sister who is 100% determined is such a blessing. The things we are capable of doing seem limitless to me with the help of the Lord. We are living in the same apartment that i lived in when I started part 2 of my mission (in December), we´re working in a different area but we are livng in an apartment that is about 45 minutes from our ward boundries. Pretty strange, but we keep running into members in São Caetano (where we live) so I get the best of both worlds! We are also living with another dupla of Sisteres! One of the Sisters found out the 2nd day after we arrived that I had already worked in this Zone and lived in this apartment. She, beforehand had just thought I was really confident! Hah! 

We started on wednesday without anyone to baptize. But after dilligent work, we found 2 people who had already gone to church, been taught by other missionaries, and committed to be baptized on saturday. They both passed the baptismal interview easily. We were working so hard and could not believe how much the Lord was blessing us with 2 baptisms! We had the first baptism on saturday morning, everything went wonderfully, the members helped out a ton and it was a beautiful baptismal service. Then when we went to get our other baptismal candidate, we could not find him. We made the whole neighborhood look for him. Asked everyone, but no one knew were he was. We were fervently praying, running the streets, and calling out his name. We finally gave up. Went to the church where there was a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader. And afterwards we went back to his house. He was HOME!!! But it turns out he did not want to get baptized. We tried everything, but even people who have a strong testimony of this true and living church have agency, and can choose whether of not to act on their testimonies or not. It was such a roller coaster of a day, but a day that I know that we had absolutely no regrets. 
Tomorrow I will be doing my first division with other Sisters and I am super excited. 

And on wednesday i will be doing a division as well. So who gets to work in her area STARTING thursday to get our baptismal candidates ready for their baptism on satuday! This Sister! Makes us plan our weeks such more humility, knowing that miracles NEED to happen in order for us to baptize! 

This last week I heard a quote that has helped me in this wonderful work, 'Pray as if everything depends on the Lord. Work as if everything depends on you.' Done and done. 

This church is true, the Lord is preparing so many people, all we need to do is open our mouth and share the peace and light of this gospel!
I know that Christ lives and He died for all of us, anyone who comes unto Him he will cure, help, and strengthen.
Thank you for your prayers and support! 

Love you all!
Peace and Blessings,
Sister Clark

1. Jessica´s baptism! This girl knew everything and anything about the church before she was baptized. Best preparation I have ever seen!

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