18 November 2013


Dear Family, 

This week was definitely interesting. Spiritual because we had Zone Conference. It was just perject. We all met at a church building right by the beach in Salvador. I learned a lot about using all of the helps that we have so we may be able to give 100% of ourselves and do more than we even thought possible. We talked a lot about families and men, and how to find, teach, and baptize them so we, as missionaries, are strengthening the ward, not just giving them more responsibilies. What kind of mark do we want to leave on individuals and on an area? 

This week was interesting because I told my companion that everytime she didn´t have a smile on her face she had to pay me 5 cents. I am now RICH! I do little things like this everyday to help motivate my super shy, scared companion. Its gotten really interesting, and given me a testimony that we can only share the gospel if we LOVE it and show how much we love it with our sincere testimony and smiles! Only then will people want to be part of it!

This gospel is perfect and makes me so happy! Finding joy in keeping all of the commandments is a sign of true conversion, and every day I look to find more joy in the little things of this amazing gospel. 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! This work is accelerating so fast thanks to the members!

Sister Clark

1. Best thing ever eating açaí with Elisabete Mitchel. Love New Jersians. Make sure to ask here how much she LOVED bahia! Bahaha. 
2. One of my besties on the mission- Sister Whitaker. We have the same time on the mission!

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