18 November 2013


Dear Family! 

I love love love you lots!
This week was filled with surprises and the Spirt. That has to be the best adjetives of the mission, because everyday is an adventure! My companion and I decided to continue working with the men we found last week. We taught them more, especailly the 10 Commandments. They were are progressing a ton. Melted my heart when one investigator didn´t know how to explain what he was feeling when he almost started to cry and said, `I don´t know what I´m feeling, but I know you will teach me more and I will feel this same feeling more in my life.` The Holy Ghost! The Holy Ghost! That´s him! The Holy Ghost was present in all of our lessons this week which makes us work even harder to help these people! 

Then a few surprises pop up, turns out one investigator is a tattoo artist and we walked in on him doing a HUGE tattoo on another investigator. We saw another investigator dealing drugs. Saw another throwing up after drinking too much the night before but pleading with us to bring him to church. And here´s the icing on the cake- during the interview questions that all the candidates for baptism need to pass, which we do before another Elder does the formal interview, we found out our investigator had already murdered someone. He said it so calmly I didnt believe him! I must have asked ´seriouisly?´a billion times! Well, not going to lie, we really wanted to help these people. How many times in my mind did I ask, ´What would Jesus do in this situation?´But, unfortinuately, not many of them went to chrurch. 

So my companion and I have decided its safer and we´ll find more success in a different neighborhood this next week! So no worries about our safety this next week! The mission is just way too full of experiences that make Cynthia Jane Clark pray even more!

Love this gospel! Love every chance I get to share the gospel with everyone, because we are ALL children of God! This church is true and I know it!!
Sister Clark

1. me and my companion, Síster T. Santos in Salvador last monday!
2. love our church! bahaha! there´s tons of catholic churches in salvador. just had to snap this picture!
3. making friends, obviously!

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