18 November 2013


Dear Friends and Family!

This week was a great week! As are all the others on the mission! But it just keeps getting better I feel! Sister T. Santos and I started off the week by finding an elect street. We arrived on this one little alley way/street and found a ton of men sitting and talking. We talked to them and they LOVED what we had to say. They invited other friends to come hear us teach and we all committed to go to church that next sunday. Me and my companion were in heaven. We were seeing the fruits of our labors that very instant. During the week we taught all these men, they completed all the invites we gave them and tehy still wanted to hear more. 2 things that we talk about everytime we see an investigator is 1. their baptism date and how they are preparing for it and 2. their plans of going to church this next sunday. After the second day of teaching them, they would remind us and ask us how they can prepare for their baptism on the 26th of October. 

Never have I seen so many miracles happen during one week. Two weeks ago they were drinking every night and now they were talking about the gospel topics that we taught. When we wanted to have a one-on-one lesson with one of these men to help him out with a specific need, all the other men would stand in the door way to listen. Their reading comprehension is horrible, so not only did we teach them the gospel, we also helped them read out loud and evaluate what they are reading. 

Saturday arrived. Saturday was a holiday, Children´s Day here in Brasil. There´s lots of clowns, trampolines, balloons on every street to clebrate the children of Brasil. Really a fun holiday. But with holidays, comes celebrating. And what happened? They all started drinking again, Saturday night. We had talked to them saturday afternoon and they said they wouldn´t drink. But sunday morning arrived. And they were all hung over and didn´t feel worthy or didn´t want to go to church. I have never been so sad in my life! 

One investigator, Jorge (who already had one visit to the church) said he would go. So we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. He finally backed out and said he can´t go. He wouldn´t tell us why. We tried to convince him for 20 minutes, I almost ran into his house to get him a shirt so we could just bring him to church (it was the only thing that needed to be done for him to go to church). But, no. I finally said to him, ´Why don´t you realize that we are just here to help?´ He then asked if he could still be baptized on the 19th. Thats when I started to cry. He wants to be baptized so bad, and is more than ready. He just needs one more visit at church. This is the first time that I have ever cried Sunday morning when an investigator didn´t go to church. I want him to be baptized so bad and be able to receive all the blessings of the gospel as soon as possible! We left as he was yelling sorry and apologizing. We arrived at church and there were other investigators there to make us happy and occupied! Just another testimony that all we can do is our best, rely on the Lord, and remember that we all have agency to choose. 

This week was an amazing week. As Mackenzie said one time, ´the mission is where you experience the highest highs and the lowest lows.´Amen to that! My companion and I are super excited for this next week to find more, teach more, and help more come unto Christ!
I know this church is true!  TCIT!

Sister Clark  

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