01 October 2013


This week was amazing! I went and got my new companion, Sister T. Santos, we had Romulo´s baptism, and we found a few streets of people who ABSOLUTELY love us and will get baptized soon! 

Sister T. Santos is from Rio de Janeiro and she is adorable! We are doing TONS of practices of  the lessons and inviting people to be baptized in our house, and then we leave and bam! She gets super shy. Reminds me of myself when I started on the mission. I love working with her and I love learning with her! We had Romulo´s baptism, and since he´s 22 years old we had the opportunity to get another certificate on the mission called Super Standard of Excellence which menas you baptize a man and at church you have 6 investigators with at least 2 men investigators as well. So we were talking with ALL the men on the street to make sure that we had men at church the next sunday! We ended up only bring one to church, but when we arrived 2 investigators just showed up! 1 point for miracles! 

Romulo our baptism this saturday is the son of 2 active members. Us missionaries realized he wasnt a member on sunday after he had been visiting the ward for months, so we gave him the date for baptism this saturday. He said no one had ever invited him to be baptized before, and he immediately accepted. We taught him all the lessons and felt the spirit so strong in each one. The first time he read the Book of Mormon and asked God to see if it was true he cried and cried and said he felt something that he had never felt before. THE HOLY GHOST! What a testimony he is that God really prepares souls for the missionaries. We are mearly instruments in his hands.  

Loive yo uall, and thank you for your prayers and support. You are all amazing!

Sister Clark

1. My bahian grandpa- Elias. Love this man- true conversion right here!
2. Romulo´s baptism this weekend!
3. Me and my new companion Sister T. Santos!

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