08 October 2013


Dear Family!

Thank you for all your support! After watching General Conference it is so apparent that my family, friends, and a ton of other people are rooting for me out in the field! I love this work!

Today I want to share what happens in just a few hours here in Brasil. Sunday was General Conference. Conference here is from 1pm-3pm and then 5pm-7pm; My companion and I ate lunch at 10am to be able to pass by our investigator´s houses who had confirmed with us on saturday. During our prayer that morning, the strong thought popped into my head to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for our investigator who might bring his son. So I made a few and didn´t think anything of it especially because they said they would plan on eating lunch before we came to get them. 

We went to a few people´s houses and they all bailed with the lamest of excuses. We passed by some recent converts in the street and told them we´d be leaving at 12 to go to the conference. They agreed to go. They only have 8 and 9 years old. So we passed by their mom´s house to get her permission. I really hesitated bringing them because they are a bit rowdy in church, but I remembered what Elder Hales said. that we shouldn´t underestimate the capacity children have to understand conference. So we went! I asked if they had already eaten lunch when we were getting on the bus. They said no. Good  thing I folled that prompting and brought sandwiches! Seriously, never been told by the Holy Ghost to make food- but I was that morning as a strong prompting, and it pait off!

This is where it gets crazy. After the first session, we had to go back to our area (30 minute bus ride) to drop the girls off and get an investigator named Jorge. We waited at the bus stop for about 20 minutes. Finally, anxious to go, we got a bus that I only kind of knew the bus route. But we faith, we got on and confirmed with the bus driver where it was headed. We were really close to where we needed to go when the bus continued going strait instead of turning where I thought it was. I went and talked to the bus driver and he said we should just get off at the next stop. So we got off. I got really frustrated with our lost time and I completely blamed my lack of portuguese for the reason why we were lost. Sister Clark was not in a good mood and we had to walk fast to be able to make the next session. 

After walking for a few minutes we walked past a drunk laying down in the middle of the street. There were two men asking him who he was and if he needed help. I thought of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, but then brushed it off because there were already people helping him. The 9 year old girl who´s hand I was holding immediately ran to him. I called after her saying we don´t have time when she said, ´´Antonio?´ Turns out he was her neighbor. Literally, just like the parable says. Help your neighbor. She helped him up. My companion and I held his hand while we walked him home. He said countless times `I was lost, but now I am found, by angels of Jesus.´ This 9 year old girl told this man he had to go to church with us to change. This little 9 year old girl gave me a training on how to be a diciple of Jesus Christ. After saying a prayer with him that he´d be safe we ran to get our investigator who was also semi-drunk. Hmmm. But he went anyways to chruch after we begged and pleaded. We ended up missing the first hour of the last ]session of Conference. Am I sad? No. I learned a greater lesson that day. One that I will never forget. 

I love this mission. I love that God is always teaching us. This church is true. Miracles still happen!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and the Good Samaritan in one day baby!
Sister Clark

1. me and sis t santos with one of our investigators, Juci at general conference this week!
2. workin the dirty streets of Bahia baby!

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