16 September 2013


Dear Family,

I love this gospel! I was reading the scriptures at the beginning of the week and I fell in love with Alma 12:9&10 which essentially says that according to the attention and diligence that you give towards God, He will grant unto you the greater portion of the word until you receive all the mysteries of God and know them in full. Whoa! This week my companion and I did just that, we paid attention and were diligent to the promptings of the Hold Ghost and to the needs of our investigators. It opened our minds and made us love these people so much more! 

We taught a ton of lessons this week and worked hard to o our best.
We have a 11 year old boy who should be baptized this saturday. He was reading the pamplet about the restoration during sacrament meeting and he asked- what is the name of the prophet today and what does he look like? Did Joseph Smith really see God and Jesus Christ? OH my gosh did my heart melt a million times? Yes! Baptizing kids is kind of looked down upon if its not their whole family. But I absolutely love it, because a lot of the kids need a way out from the traditions of their fathers. For example, 2 recent converts didn´t go to church on sunday because their mom had no money to buy laundry detergent and clean their few clothes that they had because their house/the majority of their belongings caught on fire a few weeks ago and the mom used the little money she had to buy supplies for her boyfriend who is in prison and she´d be visiting this week for the monthly visit. That is craziness, and what are we doing as missionaries? Giving these little girls a chance out of this twisted world!

On a lighter note, this morning we heard a know on our door again. I got so startled. Turns out it was Jehovah´s Witnesses. Love them. I politely told them we don´t have time for their message about Jesus Christ. Haha, what a role reversal that was!
This church is true and I know it!

-Síster Clark

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