23 September 2013


Dear Loverlies,

Oh what a wonderful week this was! In total my companion and I worded 1 day and a few hours. That was because was had a beyond amazing Specialized Training for Sisters (fancy title, neh?), had to go to the airport to find a lost Elder from another mission, and we were without power for the entire week! 

First off the Sister´s Conference was an answer to all of my prayers. Got even more motivated and excited to do this marvelous work! I had the privilege of conducting the meeting, so I was alway sitting up front. Being a Síster in the mission, I´ve never conduted a meeting... so I had to practive the phrases beforehand. But I absolutely loved it. Since I have had SO many companions and passes by SO many areas in the mission, I knew all of the Sísters except for one who had just arrived, so it was essentially a long awaited reunion of my best friends. One thing that really hit me hard during the training of he Assistants was this: ´if you just give material (pass along card or pamphlet) or invite someone to church you are JUST LIKE any other church. But if you invite someone to be baptized in the restored church with the restored authority to baptize you are actually sharing the light of Christ.´ So that next day (our only full day of working) I may or may not have gone a bit crazy and found 11 people who committed to baptism (News). 

For the next few days wwe had a handful of people come look at our apartment to see what was wrong with it- it was a mystery to the power company, the electrician, and the landlord. But finally on friday it got resolved! Yay for no more freezing showers! 

This week we also had a baptism of an 8 year old boy. He had been going to church for the past 2 years with his neighbors and was super excited to get baptized! On saturday we ate at this neighbor´s house, and when I asked him what I should share the message on he blurted out ´Joseph Smith!` This kid is golden, can´t wait to see him on the mission!

I also gave a talk this sunday. There is usally 3 speakers, but 2 didn´t show up and the other speaker said she´d only speak for about 15 minutes. So I decided to speak on what I know best! The Restoration of the gospel! We had a lot of investigators at church- so I just taught them from the pulpit- kill two birds with one stone, neh?

And finally- guess who is going to train again!!!! ME ME ME ME ME ME!!! I am so beyond excited to train again! So next week I will send a pic of me and my new baby! 

This gospel is true, it is perfect. I know it, I live it!
Síster Clark

1. All the sisters in my mission up until last week! This is a picture of basically all my best friends, love these loverly ladies!

2.  Our baptism Eleilson! Cutest kid you will ever meet. The whole primary was at the baptism because they love him so much! Gotta love support from the ward!

3.  Me and allll my companions at the Specialiazed Training for Sisters this last tuesday. 

4.  Me and Sister Durelli at the Pelourinho 2 p-day´s ago seeing the sights of Salvador with a ton of other missionaries

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