16 September 2013


Dear Family,

This week was wonderful! I am now 23! I am so old! Seriously though. Michel Jordan chose jersey number 23, so I guess he´s legit, so that makes me legit now that I wear 23 for the next year! It was the best birthday I have ever had on the mission! On my birthday we found a lot of people who had already gone to church and still wanted to get baptized, but because some missionaries got transferred they lost contact with the church. So sad! But I was so beyond happy to find these elect people! 

We also had 2 baptismal interviews the night of my birthday, in which they passed- best present ever! That night Sister Durelli and i were closing our numbers in our apartment when we hear a knock on our door. Being a blonde in Brasil, I always think the worst. I go so scared, but went to go asnwer the door. I said, ´Who is it?` Thats when I heard a man´s voice say, `Its your President` Hahaha! President and Sister Andrezzo, my mission president passed by with some delicious cake and sang happy birthday! It was the best end to a day filled with tons of work!

 The next day we had two baptisms and on sunday we had 9 investigators from our area in church (My ward has 3 sets of missionaries in it and we are the only sisters). The area leaders keep telling us to double our numbers, because this work is accelerating. IT IS SO TRUE! In order to double our numbers we simply need to double our faith, double our obedience, and double our desires. Its such an easy principle to apply to any situation. If you want a miracle, do everything possible the best way possible to gain that miracle!

This church is true and I know it!
Love you lots and thank you for your birthday wishes!
-Síster Clark

1.Since I´m now close to the mission office, I went there today and got my birthday package!! Thank you thank you thak you!! I opened it with the other missionaries there and shared with them.

2. Aline and Vitoria´s baptism! Best birthday present ever! Cutest girls ever!

3.President and Sister Andrezzo knocked on our door the night of my birthday with a cake to wish me happy birthday!

4. At Aline´s baptismal interview/my birthday she decided to wear this shirt. what are the odds! 23!!

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