16 September 2013


Dear Family!

This week was wonderful, and filled with miracles! My companion and I worked in a really rich area of our ward. There´s already some members there, but there hasnt been anyone baptized there for years. So we want to change that! Though its forced us to think creatively and always be on our toes, because who knows what can happen! 

the other half of the time, we are working in a neighborhood that makes me really grateful to have a family and a house with food. It is such a contrast to work in one area in the afternoon and the other at night. We have to completely change our way of talking to people- but STILL we are teaching the same exact doctrines that we are all children of God with a purpose. 

We have been teaching this one couple that have SO many questions about everything we teach. They are really looking for the truthfulness in everything we say. It startled them when we said that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. They had always thought that they were one person. We then spoke for the next 15 minutes of their relationship one with another, but how they are different- using various scriptures. It was a deep doctrinal lesson that I´m sure  James E. Talmage would be proud of (my companion and I are both reading Jesus the Christ right now- we have a lot of respect for him). 

This week has been such a testimony that through other people our own testimonies can be strengthened. It isnt just our own research and prayers, it is also the influence of other- other people´s circumstances and questions that make us evaluate what we believe! 

I love this church and this gospel. I know my Savior lives and that we are here to return to His presence. 
sister clark

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