16 September 2013


Dear family,

What a relief, nothing happened that was too horrible this week, in comparison to the last few weeks! I think the devil gave up trying to scare us out of our area. The only crazy thing that did happen was right after the baptismal interview of one of our investigators we saw a kid on the side of the road throwing up from drugs (foaming at the mouth and acting downright psychotic).  It literally felt like the parable of the Good Samaritan. We wanted to help him in anyway we could, but then his friends came and called the police. But in that moment where we didn´t see the friends, it was a quick thought of, should I help him or not? And right as we were walking towards him, his friends came running. 

Beyond that, this week was a race to visit all of our investigators and recent converts! We had to rely on a lot of faith in order for our planned schedule to go accordingly! We had appointments at 6:30am with a family who were only all together at this time. They got baptized on sunday morning! It was such an amazing baptism! But half way through I had to leave to go get investigators with a member, while my companion Sister Martin stayed with another member. We really only needed to pick up 1person in this one neighborhood who really wanted to be baptized with his friend this next week, but  I  felt like bringing more. So we came back with 5 investigators! I think I have perfected the art of persuasion. Literally everyone I talked to said no right off the bat, but after 5 minutes they  said they´d go. SCORE!!!! Looks like I can speak portuguese, teach this language, and help these people! 
After church we had an emergency (as the bishop called it) meeting with all the leaders of the organizations. The Bishop yelled at me and my companion in front of everyone for baptizing too many people the whole time.  IS THAT A PROBLEM OR A BLESSING? After my companion and I barely held back the tears, not being allowed to say anything, we left. The Bishop said he did not want more baptisms and that we are doing this work in vain because its too many people and ward can´t handle it. So who knows what the future holds, but we already have a lot of previsions this next week. They can´t stop us! Never have I seen so much adversary against baptism as I have seen in this area. But we are persevering!!

I love this work and am so happy to do all I can to  help this Kingdom of God flourish on the earth!! We all have this calling to help those who do not know Christ come unto Christ through our example and our testimony.
Thank you for your prayers and your support!
-Sister Clark

1. Me, Sister Martin, and Vitoria da Conquista at its finest!

2. Baptism of Solange, Felipe, and Ligia sunday morning!

3. Went to a conference this morning for English Teachers in Bahia, me and my companion were the hosts! It was super fun and learned a TON about learning a new language! There were also a few members of the church from the stake there, including the girl standing next to me who served a mission at temple square!

4.  me and my companion ready to work!!!! yeah buuuudyyyyyy!

5.  me and my companion in our zone conference 2 weeks ago with elder mazzagardi. he lived in NJ so we talked for a GOOOOOD amount of time about  the blessed land of the east!

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