16 September 2013


Dear Family!

Guess who got transferred to Lauro de Freitas? I did! There was a Síster who had to go home because she had knee problems. She had called us up last week to tell us because she was MTC companions with Sister Martin. I got to talk to her and give her a few words of advice. At the end of our converstation, I asked her where she was serving. She said, Lauro de Freitas. Small freakin world! 

I left from that ward as well! Haha! And since I was in a trio, it was a 100 percent chance that one of us would get transferred. So, I got the phone call tuesday afternoon. Cried a ton because I loved those people a ton. Passed by all 13 recent converts in the last transfer and took tons of pictures! Definitely six weeks that I will never forget!

So now I´m here in Lauro de Freitas which is about 30 minutes away from Salvador. My companion is Síster Durelli who´s from São Paulo. She lived in Utah and Connecticut for a few months. I may or may not have told her that she looked like Snooki, and to my surprise she knew who that was! Thats why we took that picture with my 2 NJ shirts. Bahaha, that still makes me laugh! She has 3 months on the mission and is super eager to work hard and find the elects, as am I! We work really well together, and its already been an adventure in the first few days that I´ve been here! (Nothing dangerous, thank goodness like my last area). 

We worked on sunday in a super rich area, because our leaders are pleading with us to find more people who can help out the church. It was a completely different ballgame! Luckily, being American, people were more welcoming. But that may have been the only reason. But wow, do I feel sorry for missionaries in the United States! I guess I got a little taste of it on sunday working with them!
Love this church and all that it does for people! 

I know this church is true and I live it!
Love, Sister Clark

1. my brazilian japonese mom back in vitoria da conquista.
2. when sister martin and i got alma!

3. me and my new companion sister durelli here in lauro de freitas!

Saying goodbye to Candeias! Never put so much love and work into something as I did that area! Already loving Lauro de Freitas!

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