16 September 2013


Dear Family,

This week was different. 

But what week isn´t different from the last on the mission? This week I got the opportunity to do a division in Sumaré! (My very first area!) And what happened on that sacred day? The little sister of my very first baptism was getting interviewed for baptism! I could not believe that I had the chance to see them again! 

The second Andreia opened the door we both screamed with excitement! Definitely made my week, and my mission (already)! I gave the training for all the missionaries in my zone this week on how to fulfill our purpose. I put an emphasis on our personal study and companionship study how that determines how our day with go. Same thing for everyone who isn´t a missionary. Our scripture study in the morning determines if our day will be full of miracles or not! Its up to us! It was a great learning experience that I was happy to share with others. 

We also had our intervies with President Andrezzo this week. It was one of the best interviews I have had with someone. It was completely open he helped me a lot with my testimony. He helped me see where this mission can go for me and how I can make sure that I am making the most of every moment with my investigators, members, and other missionaries. Being one of the Sisters with the most time on the mission he asked me if I would like to be Sister Training Leader and what things I could bring to the table to help the other Sisters in the mission. Got my heart racing with that being in the not so distant future. But not gonna get my hopes up for that! 

And finally we had a meeting with all the Organizations in our ward. We were fully expecting to hear it from our Bishop that we are baptizing too many people and that we need to stop. But instead he totally turned it around on the members saying- `its our responsibility to help these new people. And if you feel like there aren´t enough people in the ward to help these new converts then you need to give the Sisters references of people who can help out this ward even more! 

Because every reference they are receiving, they are baptizing. So its up to us to give more references of men who have cars and have an education to help this ward grow!´ That made me absolutely beyond happy to hear that the members are only now getting really involved in the work. Realizing that its their responisbility to help the Kingdom of the Lord grow in their own city! We established a lot of goals with the members to find a pianist, more people with cars, and 4 men in this next month. We are stoked for these new goals and to create a more efficiently run ward! 
This church is true and I know it!

I am so grateful for the protection of the Lord and your prayers. Thank you so much for all that you do. It has not gone unnoticed and will not be unnoticed. 
-Sister Clark

1. our stake president´s house. stake president´s wife is obsessed with snow white. she basically forced me to take a picture with these creepy statues. but gotta love the 7 dwarves!

2. There´s no other room in our house.... Its like a slumber party every night! I took this pic right before our 3rd comp rolled into town!

3. Me and Andreia (my first baptism!) Took this pic while on a division with Sister Freitas. 

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