16 September 2013


Dear Family,

I have never been more happy in my entire life. So many things make me happy! First off this week we had 4 baptisms. In total this transfer my companion and I had 12 baptisms. This area we are serving in is known for being rich and the people don´t want to hear much about this church. In the past year the other missionaries (Elders and Sisters) there were 9 baptisms. Sister Martin and I had 10 baptisms in 3 weeks making us get the Alma Certificate- which means anyone who baptizes 10 people in 5 weeks. We are the first Sisters to get this award in the past 2 years (as long as anyone can remember who´s still here on the mission). We worked our butts off this week, even while Sister Martin had a sinus infection! We went to the hospital right after the interviews of the 4 people getting baptized where they gave her a handful of medicine, I.V. and a nebulizer. In the Bishop´s Council sunday morning the Bishop said we´d have a Leadership Council this next sunday and it will all be about Missionary Work. Missionary Work is the best work that unifies a ward, so I am beyond excited that the Bishop is finally on board! 

The day of the baptismal interviews one of the girls getting baptized, Larissa, told us that one of her friends, Elana, wanted us to stop by and teach her. So we stopped by Elana´s house where the mom said all the kid´s aren´t baptized and they need to be baptized. We then went to the baptism interviews with Larissa and Elana tagged along. To pass the time, we showed Elana all of the pamphlets (basically just showing her the pictures). The next day we stopped by Elana´s house to teach and follow up with her. It turns out she had read all of the pamphlets. She marked her favorite parts of all of them and even said her favorite pamplet of all of them of the Law of Chastity. She had never heard of anything like that before! Even the lesson in Young Women´s  was on the Law of Chastity! Coincidence? I think not! This girl is  the elect of the elect! 

And we just had transfers, and guess who will be my companion? Sister Martin AND Sister Maciel! She was my companion in Ilhéus for 2 transfers and I absolutely love her! We are beyond excited for the extra help here (we´ll be able to do divisions more often!). We have high expectations for these next 6 weeks! This last transfer was definitely the highlight of my mission and we are super pumped to make this next one bigger and better!

Love you all, thank you so much for your prayers and support!
- Síster Clark

1. Daniel and Matheus that were baptized this saturday. They are the cutest two boys I have ever met that need the gospel so bad!

2. Solange, Alice, and me. My moms in this area. I am so obsessed with these two women! Solange was baptized last week after going to church 2 times- she is a faith powerhouse. Alice is the primary president- we are FILLING (3x or 4x the number of kids compared to before) the primary with kids these days!!

3. Larissa and Ailton´s baptism! Love these kids, they are punks, and we´ve never worked harder with someone to get baptized! They did it!

4. My awesome district! Never had a tighter district as I did there! Love these peeps!

5. Me eating McDonald´s for the first time in Brasil! Ohhhhh, how tasty and delicious!

6. When Sister Martin and I found out we´d be staying together AND getting another companion! Pure LOVE!

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