13 September 2013


Óla, Óla, Óla!
I arrived in Candeias, Vítoria da Conquista, e BAM! had a baptism! Ana Carolina is a niece of a less active member in our ward who doesn´t like Elders, so when Sísteres opened the area 3 transfers back, they became more receptive. This girl has a strong support system, so we have high hopes for whom she can become with the help of this ward. This ward looks more of less like an American ward, there are tons of white people here and plenty of blondes. So no more standing out of the crowd for me! 

My companion Síster Viera is amazing and I already love her. We are working hard to organize this work and this area. The Bishopric and the members are eager to help any way possible. This area is different because the neighborhoods are super far apart, wasting 30 minutes or an hour walking to a different area which I´m not used to. 

We taught a man this week who is Mason and knows A LOT about our church and the symbolism behind everything (including a lot about the temple). He boldly stated that our church is true. He doesn´t want to be baptized because he is already set in his ways. I shared with him Hebrews 12:6, and said that whom the Lord loves, He changes, He molds. He said he never thought of it that way. But in the end he said he will pray about it and he thanked us for the visit. Never have I ever been more frustrated with someone, I literally just wanted to kick him into the baptismal font (is that wrong of me? yessssss)! But I guess we all have our agency! 

This church is true and I know it and I live it!     
-Síster Clark

1. me at the jeorge amado museum (famous writer in ilheus) took this picture my last day in ilheus
2. last day with Síster Maciel- already missing my bestie!
3. Batismo de Ana Carolina! I arrived here, and bam! Had a baptism! Best welcome gift ever!

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