16 September 2013


Dear everyone and anyone!

I probably say, ´this week was crazy!´ about every week. But I think it just builds on each week. Making the most of my mission, the Lord is trying us every step along the way, and the devil is trying to stop this wonderful work. 
So what happened this week that was so crazy?

1. We had 3 baptisms! Best baptism I have ever gone to! We invited a ton of people, and had 30 people show up! The mom of the young woman who got baptized is a little bi-polar and she didnt want to go. We got her to go to the baptism saying there would be cake and saying that my mom (Cynthia Jane) has the same skirt and my mom in the United States wears it all the time because it is pretty (She didnt really want to wear her sweatshirt and skirt to church, but we told her to not have shame. her daughter is getting baptized!). 

There were 3 boys that were baptized in November this past year, the boys all have serious morality problems except for the oldest boy Ezequiel. We invited them to come, and they miraciously showed up even though they live super far away from the church. Ezequiel came up to me and asked if he could baptize one of the kids. I immediately said yes, so excited to give him is first opportunity to baptize!! He just needed to talk to the member of the Bishopric there! So he passed the interview with him, practiced a million times the prayer and baptized the 10 year old boy Gabriel. The first time he said the prayer, you could tell he was super nervous. He didnt immerse him all the way, so he had to do it again. Gabriel started crying because he was so scared. But with the help of one of the other men who baptized another kid, Gabriel got baptized, and Ezequiel did his first baptism! We talked to both of them after how good a job Ezequiel did, and how brave Gabriel was. Success!

2. Sister Martin and I were walking on a road that is pretty safe around 8pm going to an appointment nearby. We looked behind us and saw a man with a big leather jacket and his hand in his jacket holding something. 2 seconds later I heard him running towards us. I grabbed Sister Martin, she turned around and scowled at him, giving him a mean face (just like Liz used to give to me). The man held up his hands and said, ´stay calm, stay calm!` I then thought, okay, maybe he wasnt going to assault us. Maybe he was running for some other reason. So obviously, as a missionary, I invited him to church and said we are missionaries. He then said, ´oh no! you two are missionaries? I was going to assault you with my knife here, but for sure I would go to hell if I did.´ He then ran off the other direction. What an idiot. But we totally double teamed him- spiritually and physically! Yay for self defense! 

10 minutes before that we were leaving a dangerous area just as the sun was setting. We started singing hyms for comfort because it was getting dark super fast. We saw a man only when he was about 10 feet away, I said, ´where did that man even come from?´Síster Martin said, just keep singing in a frantic tone of voice. He passed us and said ´Síster Clark´is an extremely growly, low voice. I did not recognize him at all. We´re hoping that he was someone that we briefly talked to and somehow remembered my name. But that was enough in one day to not let us go to sleep that night!

3. We had an investigator that we met one week ago, and this past week she said that she had a dream about 2 american girls showing a drawing to her. The next day we came and showed her that exact picture on the cover of the Restoration pamphlet. Whoa, God is really preparing souls! She told us this story after we had our 2nd lesson with her and her mom. Her mom had already received the misisonaries many times. She asked us why we even need to go to church, her heart and mind were completely closed. I explained exactly why, bearing my testimony through out, and she started to cry saying she had never heard anyone talk the way we preach. She loved loved it. I attribute my strong testimony of church attendance to the many inactives here in Brasil! What a change in a matter of 5 minutes! Never seen someone change so fast and acknowldge it!

4. This week we have been teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lot of kids. So we got this idea from our district to teach baptism this way; start with water in a glass cup. Put in some juice mix- means a person is impure and sinning. But then, what does baptism do? Wash your sins away! So put in clorox and it cleans the cup, the water is white again! The kids love it and they get exactly why they need to be baptized! 

5. We have had so many people stop us and ask us about our church, and then we find out that they had already visited the church and wanted to hear more. The Lord is truly working through us. He has been preparing these people and Sister Martin and I are just doing the clean up work of other Missionaries. Every day is an adventure, because we love finding these people who are SOSOSOSO ready for baptism. Just need to invite them!

6. Sunday morning we went to get the 3 kids who got baptized. The young woman said, just give me a few minutes to get ready then I´m good to go. She was SUPER excited to get the Holy Ghost, she was wearing her prettiest dress. So we went to the 2 boy´s house. When their ride came, the young woman was no where to be found. We searched, searched, searched, prayed, prayed, may have cried a bit, and asked EVERYONE. Turns out her bi-polar mom forced her to go to the ranch in the few minutes she was out of our sight. She didnt want to go, (thats what her neighbors said). That wasn´t even the start of it. When we were at church, right before sacrament meeting (the last hour) we counld´t find the 2 boys where were baptized the night before and needed to get the gift of the holy ghost. After a few minutes, one of our investigatos said that they left. We sprinted for a mile to catch up with them and finally found them with other young men in the ward. Hmmmm, maybe we should work on being good examples for the new members of the ward, yah? It was a crazy, emotion filled day. And we are 100% positive Marisa will get the Holy Ghost next week at church without problems. 

This church is true and I know it! God works though all of us! We just need to be worthy and willing!

Sister Clark
ps-dont worry about my safety, ive got the mantle of the lord on me!

1. we had 3 baptisms this week! cutest kids ever! they are 10, 13, and 13. so the young womens president, primary president, and young mens president were all at the baptism with PLENTY of other people. best baptism ive ever gone to!
2. me and my companion Sister Martin
3. all the sisters in our zone. love having other sisters here!

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