14 September 2013



Dear Family and Friends,

This week was down right crazy, spiritual, and amazing. First off most important thing that peaks everyone´s interest: we saw a man get shot about 40 feet away from us. We we walking back from lunch on this busy road. Sister Martin was walking closer to the road and I was walking closer to the nearby field. We heard a POP, we both thought it was a firework because they are popular here, I looked to my right (where the field was) and saw a man in broad daylight shooting a gun (a pistol). He was point the gun at one direction and walking towards a ditch. We both thought it was just an animal that he was shooting at. I yelled, `That man has a gun!´ (Good thing the gunman doesnt speak english!) He didn´t hear me luckily. Then after a few seconds we realized that there was a man in the ditch with his hands up! We couldnt even see the man, just his hands peeking out of the deep ditch. Thats when Sister Martin shouted `That man just shot another man!`Once again, the gunman didnt hear our girly screams and continued to shoot the man. He didn´t shoot him in the head or heart, he was aiming for his legs. After what felt like a century, we came to our senses and ran off. While looking back we saw the gunman carry off the other guy like a prisoner and dragged him into his beat up car. We immediately called our District Leader and he said it was probably a bounty hunter. Not sure about that, but all I know is that that experience was WAY too close, and two stupid American girls were just staring at the shooter. Thank goodness for prayers and the Lord´s protection! That was a trip in and of it self. 

But no, that wasn´t the end of this crazy week! On sunday we had 14 investigators at church! New record baby in my numbers! 6 is the norm here in Brazil. So church was literally a nightmare trying to keep 4 kids quiet (these kids we had JUST invited to church right before church and surprisingly they came, and more surprisingly they had already been numerous times and not been baptized and wanted to be baptized!). There was a man at church who had crazy eyes and was talking WAY too close to us. The members noticed him and realized he was super strange so the final prayer of sacrament meeting the woman prayed for our lovely missionaries that they´d be safe and protected. Bahaha, we needed it!

This week we have found so many people who are literally waiting for the invite to be baptized, for example one woman asked before we even introduced the lesson we´d be teaching, `Why don´t we have a church with complete doctrine like Jesus Christ organized´and `Jesus has done so much for me, when can I be baptized?´ The blessings are literally flowing in this area, the only difficulty is organizing all these eager souls!
 I have never had such a spiritual, crazy, and wonderful week on the mission as I have this past week! The church is true! I am so grateful for all of these blessings and for your strength, support, and prayers. 

Sister Clark 

1- fireside with the other missionaries nearby, and i got to see a ton of people that i knew from a year ago

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