13 September 2013


Dear Family,
Guess who is finally getting transferred after 4 transfers in Ilhéus? This Síster! I am going to Zona Vítoria da Conquista (my first Zone where I started the mission) but in a different area. I am super excited! My companion will be Síster Viera who was the first 19 year old in our mission. And she will by my 9th companion on the mission! 

This week was a crazy week of finding, teaching, and inviting. One of the best lessons we had this week was on sunday when a member came up to us and said, `Sisteres! I have two people who want to hear your messages at 15h this afternoon, they will be at my house. Do you already have an appointment?`Obviously, we cancelled our plans for that hour and went to this appoint. It was the most spiritual, calm, and simple lesson we have ever taught. When we invited them to be baptized they said yes with such excitment and interest! Minutes after the lesson ended they were organizing what type of cake they would have at their baptism with this member. WHOA! Working with members is AWESOME!! Sadly, these two women who committed to be baptized only have time on sundays... and I´ll be transferred tomorrow. So I won´t be able to follow through with them. But nonetheless, I loved seeing member missionary work at its finest! 

This work is wonderful and so much easier, better with the member´s help. So as a missionary here in the field- go help the missionaries, they need it! Help them with references and go out with them! Food helps too! 

Love you all, thank you for your thoughts, letters, prayers and support.
Síster Clark

we had a zone activity bbq monday, played some sweet volleyball and dodgeball!

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