14 September 2013


Dear Family,
I have yet again, another companion! Síster Martin! She is from California and has 4 months in Brasil. We already teach really well together and are working hard to improve our lessons.

This week was an amazing, crazy, packed week. We had a baptism of Ana Caroline (we had a baptism of a girl named Ana Carolina last week, what are the odds!), we had a Festa de Julinha at the ward, and I got a new companion! There is a member who has been helping out a ton with this work. Her name is Alice and she is the Primary President. She is married to a devout Catholic and has a son who is 10 years old. All of her son´s friends and their families want to be baptized because Alice loves to invite anyone and anyone to church. We have only been teaching in this little neighborhood because there are so many people interested and the help of Alice is beyond a miracle. I wanted to take a picture one night of what I think is a miracle. Alice asked a little girl at the end of our lesson if she wanted to come back to her house and eat cake and read the chapted that we marked for this little girl in the Book of Mormon. So we passed by real fast and I seriously almost cried. It was Member Missionary Work at its finest. Every saturday night Alice calls us to ask whom she can pick up for church and how our lessons went  during the week that she wasnt there personally (basically just a few). Her husband know everything there is to know about the Catholic Church and the Bible so we have friendly Bible bashes. I use a lot of references in Jesus the Christ, thanks James E. Talmage!

Missionary Work in its prime!
Love you lots, this church is true!

-Síster Clark

1. BEST PACKAGE EVER, thank you thank you thank you momma and daddy!!
2. My new companion Síster Martin at Ana Caroline´s baptism this saturday, with her little sister Cecilia. Cutest and most prepared person to be baptized I´ve ever met!

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