23 September 2013


Dear Loverlies,

Oh what a wonderful week this was! In total my companion and I worded 1 day and a few hours. That was because was had a beyond amazing Specialized Training for Sisters (fancy title, neh?), had to go to the airport to find a lost Elder from another mission, and we were without power for the entire week! 

First off the Sister´s Conference was an answer to all of my prayers. Got even more motivated and excited to do this marvelous work! I had the privilege of conducting the meeting, so I was alway sitting up front. Being a Síster in the mission, I´ve never conduted a meeting... so I had to practive the phrases beforehand. But I absolutely loved it. Since I have had SO many companions and passes by SO many areas in the mission, I knew all of the Sísters except for one who had just arrived, so it was essentially a long awaited reunion of my best friends. One thing that really hit me hard during the training of he Assistants was this: ´if you just give material (pass along card or pamphlet) or invite someone to church you are JUST LIKE any other church. But if you invite someone to be baptized in the restored church with the restored authority to baptize you are actually sharing the light of Christ.´ So that next day (our only full day of working) I may or may not have gone a bit crazy and found 11 people who committed to baptism (News). 

For the next few days wwe had a handful of people come look at our apartment to see what was wrong with it- it was a mystery to the power company, the electrician, and the landlord. But finally on friday it got resolved! Yay for no more freezing showers! 

This week we also had a baptism of an 8 year old boy. He had been going to church for the past 2 years with his neighbors and was super excited to get baptized! On saturday we ate at this neighbor´s house, and when I asked him what I should share the message on he blurted out ´Joseph Smith!` This kid is golden, can´t wait to see him on the mission!

I also gave a talk this sunday. There is usally 3 speakers, but 2 didn´t show up and the other speaker said she´d only speak for about 15 minutes. So I decided to speak on what I know best! The Restoration of the gospel! We had a lot of investigators at church- so I just taught them from the pulpit- kill two birds with one stone, neh?

And finally- guess who is going to train again!!!! ME ME ME ME ME ME!!! I am so beyond excited to train again! So next week I will send a pic of me and my new baby! 

This gospel is true, it is perfect. I know it, I live it!
Síster Clark

1. All the sisters in my mission up until last week! This is a picture of basically all my best friends, love these loverly ladies!

2.  Our baptism Eleilson! Cutest kid you will ever meet. The whole primary was at the baptism because they love him so much! Gotta love support from the ward!

3.  Me and allll my companions at the Specialiazed Training for Sisters this last tuesday. 

4.  Me and Sister Durelli at the Pelourinho 2 p-day´s ago seeing the sights of Salvador with a ton of other missionaries

16 September 2013


Dear Family!

This week was wonderful, and filled with miracles! My companion and I worked in a really rich area of our ward. There´s already some members there, but there hasnt been anyone baptized there for years. So we want to change that! Though its forced us to think creatively and always be on our toes, because who knows what can happen! 

the other half of the time, we are working in a neighborhood that makes me really grateful to have a family and a house with food. It is such a contrast to work in one area in the afternoon and the other at night. We have to completely change our way of talking to people- but STILL we are teaching the same exact doctrines that we are all children of God with a purpose. 

We have been teaching this one couple that have SO many questions about everything we teach. They are really looking for the truthfulness in everything we say. It startled them when we said that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. They had always thought that they were one person. We then spoke for the next 15 minutes of their relationship one with another, but how they are different- using various scriptures. It was a deep doctrinal lesson that I´m sure  James E. Talmage would be proud of (my companion and I are both reading Jesus the Christ right now- we have a lot of respect for him). 

This week has been such a testimony that through other people our own testimonies can be strengthened. It isnt just our own research and prayers, it is also the influence of other- other people´s circumstances and questions that make us evaluate what we believe! 

I love this church and this gospel. I know my Savior lives and that we are here to return to His presence. 
sister clark


Dear Family,

I love this gospel! I was reading the scriptures at the beginning of the week and I fell in love with Alma 12:9&10 which essentially says that according to the attention and diligence that you give towards God, He will grant unto you the greater portion of the word until you receive all the mysteries of God and know them in full. Whoa! This week my companion and I did just that, we paid attention and were diligent to the promptings of the Hold Ghost and to the needs of our investigators. It opened our minds and made us love these people so much more! 

We taught a ton of lessons this week and worked hard to o our best.
We have a 11 year old boy who should be baptized this saturday. He was reading the pamplet about the restoration during sacrament meeting and he asked- what is the name of the prophet today and what does he look like? Did Joseph Smith really see God and Jesus Christ? OH my gosh did my heart melt a million times? Yes! Baptizing kids is kind of looked down upon if its not their whole family. But I absolutely love it, because a lot of the kids need a way out from the traditions of their fathers. For example, 2 recent converts didn´t go to church on sunday because their mom had no money to buy laundry detergent and clean their few clothes that they had because their house/the majority of their belongings caught on fire a few weeks ago and the mom used the little money she had to buy supplies for her boyfriend who is in prison and she´d be visiting this week for the monthly visit. That is craziness, and what are we doing as missionaries? Giving these little girls a chance out of this twisted world!

On a lighter note, this morning we heard a know on our door again. I got so startled. Turns out it was Jehovah´s Witnesses. Love them. I politely told them we don´t have time for their message about Jesus Christ. Haha, what a role reversal that was!
This church is true and I know it!

-Síster Clark


Dear Family,

This week was wonderful! I am now 23! I am so old! Seriously though. Michel Jordan chose jersey number 23, so I guess he´s legit, so that makes me legit now that I wear 23 for the next year! It was the best birthday I have ever had on the mission! On my birthday we found a lot of people who had already gone to church and still wanted to get baptized, but because some missionaries got transferred they lost contact with the church. So sad! But I was so beyond happy to find these elect people! 

We also had 2 baptismal interviews the night of my birthday, in which they passed- best present ever! That night Sister Durelli and i were closing our numbers in our apartment when we hear a knock on our door. Being a blonde in Brasil, I always think the worst. I go so scared, but went to go asnwer the door. I said, ´Who is it?` Thats when I heard a man´s voice say, `Its your President` Hahaha! President and Sister Andrezzo, my mission president passed by with some delicious cake and sang happy birthday! It was the best end to a day filled with tons of work!

 The next day we had two baptisms and on sunday we had 9 investigators from our area in church (My ward has 3 sets of missionaries in it and we are the only sisters). The area leaders keep telling us to double our numbers, because this work is accelerating. IT IS SO TRUE! In order to double our numbers we simply need to double our faith, double our obedience, and double our desires. Its such an easy principle to apply to any situation. If you want a miracle, do everything possible the best way possible to gain that miracle!

This church is true and I know it!
Love you lots and thank you for your birthday wishes!
-Síster Clark

1.Since I´m now close to the mission office, I went there today and got my birthday package!! Thank you thank you thak you!! I opened it with the other missionaries there and shared with them.

2. Aline and Vitoria´s baptism! Best birthday present ever! Cutest girls ever!

3.President and Sister Andrezzo knocked on our door the night of my birthday with a cake to wish me happy birthday!

4. At Aline´s baptismal interview/my birthday she decided to wear this shirt. what are the odds! 23!!


Dear Family!

Guess who got transferred to Lauro de Freitas? I did! There was a Síster who had to go home because she had knee problems. She had called us up last week to tell us because she was MTC companions with Sister Martin. I got to talk to her and give her a few words of advice. At the end of our converstation, I asked her where she was serving. She said, Lauro de Freitas. Small freakin world! 

I left from that ward as well! Haha! And since I was in a trio, it was a 100 percent chance that one of us would get transferred. So, I got the phone call tuesday afternoon. Cried a ton because I loved those people a ton. Passed by all 13 recent converts in the last transfer and took tons of pictures! Definitely six weeks that I will never forget!

So now I´m here in Lauro de Freitas which is about 30 minutes away from Salvador. My companion is Síster Durelli who´s from São Paulo. She lived in Utah and Connecticut for a few months. I may or may not have told her that she looked like Snooki, and to my surprise she knew who that was! Thats why we took that picture with my 2 NJ shirts. Bahaha, that still makes me laugh! She has 3 months on the mission and is super eager to work hard and find the elects, as am I! We work really well together, and its already been an adventure in the first few days that I´ve been here! (Nothing dangerous, thank goodness like my last area). 

We worked on sunday in a super rich area, because our leaders are pleading with us to find more people who can help out the church. It was a completely different ballgame! Luckily, being American, people were more welcoming. But that may have been the only reason. But wow, do I feel sorry for missionaries in the United States! I guess I got a little taste of it on sunday working with them!
Love this church and all that it does for people! 

I know this church is true and I live it!
Love, Sister Clark

1. my brazilian japonese mom back in vitoria da conquista.
2. when sister martin and i got alma!

3. me and my new companion sister durelli here in lauro de freitas!

Saying goodbye to Candeias! Never put so much love and work into something as I did that area! Already loving Lauro de Freitas!


Dear Family,

This week was different. 

But what week isn´t different from the last on the mission? This week I got the opportunity to do a division in Sumaré! (My very first area!) And what happened on that sacred day? The little sister of my very first baptism was getting interviewed for baptism! I could not believe that I had the chance to see them again! 

The second Andreia opened the door we both screamed with excitement! Definitely made my week, and my mission (already)! I gave the training for all the missionaries in my zone this week on how to fulfill our purpose. I put an emphasis on our personal study and companionship study how that determines how our day with go. Same thing for everyone who isn´t a missionary. Our scripture study in the morning determines if our day will be full of miracles or not! Its up to us! It was a great learning experience that I was happy to share with others. 

We also had our intervies with President Andrezzo this week. It was one of the best interviews I have had with someone. It was completely open he helped me a lot with my testimony. He helped me see where this mission can go for me and how I can make sure that I am making the most of every moment with my investigators, members, and other missionaries. Being one of the Sisters with the most time on the mission he asked me if I would like to be Sister Training Leader and what things I could bring to the table to help the other Sisters in the mission. Got my heart racing with that being in the not so distant future. But not gonna get my hopes up for that! 

And finally we had a meeting with all the Organizations in our ward. We were fully expecting to hear it from our Bishop that we are baptizing too many people and that we need to stop. But instead he totally turned it around on the members saying- `its our responsibility to help these new people. And if you feel like there aren´t enough people in the ward to help these new converts then you need to give the Sisters references of people who can help out this ward even more! 

Because every reference they are receiving, they are baptizing. So its up to us to give more references of men who have cars and have an education to help this ward grow!´ That made me absolutely beyond happy to hear that the members are only now getting really involved in the work. Realizing that its their responisbility to help the Kingdom of the Lord grow in their own city! We established a lot of goals with the members to find a pianist, more people with cars, and 4 men in this next month. We are stoked for these new goals and to create a more efficiently run ward! 
This church is true and I know it!

I am so grateful for the protection of the Lord and your prayers. Thank you so much for all that you do. It has not gone unnoticed and will not be unnoticed. 
-Sister Clark

1. our stake president´s house. stake president´s wife is obsessed with snow white. she basically forced me to take a picture with these creepy statues. but gotta love the 7 dwarves!

2. There´s no other room in our house.... Its like a slumber party every night! I took this pic right before our 3rd comp rolled into town!

3. Me and Andreia (my first baptism!) Took this pic while on a division with Sister Freitas. 


Dear Family,

I have never been more happy in my entire life. So many things make me happy! First off this week we had 4 baptisms. In total this transfer my companion and I had 12 baptisms. This area we are serving in is known for being rich and the people don´t want to hear much about this church. In the past year the other missionaries (Elders and Sisters) there were 9 baptisms. Sister Martin and I had 10 baptisms in 3 weeks making us get the Alma Certificate- which means anyone who baptizes 10 people in 5 weeks. We are the first Sisters to get this award in the past 2 years (as long as anyone can remember who´s still here on the mission). We worked our butts off this week, even while Sister Martin had a sinus infection! We went to the hospital right after the interviews of the 4 people getting baptized where they gave her a handful of medicine, I.V. and a nebulizer. In the Bishop´s Council sunday morning the Bishop said we´d have a Leadership Council this next sunday and it will all be about Missionary Work. Missionary Work is the best work that unifies a ward, so I am beyond excited that the Bishop is finally on board! 

The day of the baptismal interviews one of the girls getting baptized, Larissa, told us that one of her friends, Elana, wanted us to stop by and teach her. So we stopped by Elana´s house where the mom said all the kid´s aren´t baptized and they need to be baptized. We then went to the baptism interviews with Larissa and Elana tagged along. To pass the time, we showed Elana all of the pamphlets (basically just showing her the pictures). The next day we stopped by Elana´s house to teach and follow up with her. It turns out she had read all of the pamphlets. She marked her favorite parts of all of them and even said her favorite pamplet of all of them of the Law of Chastity. She had never heard of anything like that before! Even the lesson in Young Women´s  was on the Law of Chastity! Coincidence? I think not! This girl is  the elect of the elect! 

And we just had transfers, and guess who will be my companion? Sister Martin AND Sister Maciel! She was my companion in Ilhéus for 2 transfers and I absolutely love her! We are beyond excited for the extra help here (we´ll be able to do divisions more often!). We have high expectations for these next 6 weeks! This last transfer was definitely the highlight of my mission and we are super pumped to make this next one bigger and better!

Love you all, thank you so much for your prayers and support!
- Síster Clark

1. Daniel and Matheus that were baptized this saturday. They are the cutest two boys I have ever met that need the gospel so bad!

2. Solange, Alice, and me. My moms in this area. I am so obsessed with these two women! Solange was baptized last week after going to church 2 times- she is a faith powerhouse. Alice is the primary president- we are FILLING (3x or 4x the number of kids compared to before) the primary with kids these days!!

3. Larissa and Ailton´s baptism! Love these kids, they are punks, and we´ve never worked harder with someone to get baptized! They did it!

4. My awesome district! Never had a tighter district as I did there! Love these peeps!

5. Me eating McDonald´s for the first time in Brasil! Ohhhhh, how tasty and delicious!

6. When Sister Martin and I found out we´d be staying together AND getting another companion! Pure LOVE!


Dear family,

What a relief, nothing happened that was too horrible this week, in comparison to the last few weeks! I think the devil gave up trying to scare us out of our area. The only crazy thing that did happen was right after the baptismal interview of one of our investigators we saw a kid on the side of the road throwing up from drugs (foaming at the mouth and acting downright psychotic).  It literally felt like the parable of the Good Samaritan. We wanted to help him in anyway we could, but then his friends came and called the police. But in that moment where we didn´t see the friends, it was a quick thought of, should I help him or not? And right as we were walking towards him, his friends came running. 

Beyond that, this week was a race to visit all of our investigators and recent converts! We had to rely on a lot of faith in order for our planned schedule to go accordingly! We had appointments at 6:30am with a family who were only all together at this time. They got baptized on sunday morning! It was such an amazing baptism! But half way through I had to leave to go get investigators with a member, while my companion Sister Martin stayed with another member. We really only needed to pick up 1person in this one neighborhood who really wanted to be baptized with his friend this next week, but  I  felt like bringing more. So we came back with 5 investigators! I think I have perfected the art of persuasion. Literally everyone I talked to said no right off the bat, but after 5 minutes they  said they´d go. SCORE!!!! Looks like I can speak portuguese, teach this language, and help these people! 
After church we had an emergency (as the bishop called it) meeting with all the leaders of the organizations. The Bishop yelled at me and my companion in front of everyone for baptizing too many people the whole time.  IS THAT A PROBLEM OR A BLESSING? After my companion and I barely held back the tears, not being allowed to say anything, we left. The Bishop said he did not want more baptisms and that we are doing this work in vain because its too many people and ward can´t handle it. So who knows what the future holds, but we already have a lot of previsions this next week. They can´t stop us! Never have I seen so much adversary against baptism as I have seen in this area. But we are persevering!!

I love this work and am so happy to do all I can to  help this Kingdom of God flourish on the earth!! We all have this calling to help those who do not know Christ come unto Christ through our example and our testimony.
Thank you for your prayers and your support!
-Sister Clark

1. Me, Sister Martin, and Vitoria da Conquista at its finest!

2. Baptism of Solange, Felipe, and Ligia sunday morning!

3. Went to a conference this morning for English Teachers in Bahia, me and my companion were the hosts! It was super fun and learned a TON about learning a new language! There were also a few members of the church from the stake there, including the girl standing next to me who served a mission at temple square!

4.  me and my companion ready to work!!!! yeah buuuudyyyyyy!

5.  me and my companion in our zone conference 2 weeks ago with elder mazzagardi. he lived in NJ so we talked for a GOOOOOD amount of time about  the blessed land of the east!


Dear everyone and anyone!

I probably say, ´this week was crazy!´ about every week. But I think it just builds on each week. Making the most of my mission, the Lord is trying us every step along the way, and the devil is trying to stop this wonderful work. 
So what happened this week that was so crazy?

1. We had 3 baptisms! Best baptism I have ever gone to! We invited a ton of people, and had 30 people show up! The mom of the young woman who got baptized is a little bi-polar and she didnt want to go. We got her to go to the baptism saying there would be cake and saying that my mom (Cynthia Jane) has the same skirt and my mom in the United States wears it all the time because it is pretty (She didnt really want to wear her sweatshirt and skirt to church, but we told her to not have shame. her daughter is getting baptized!). 

There were 3 boys that were baptized in November this past year, the boys all have serious morality problems except for the oldest boy Ezequiel. We invited them to come, and they miraciously showed up even though they live super far away from the church. Ezequiel came up to me and asked if he could baptize one of the kids. I immediately said yes, so excited to give him is first opportunity to baptize!! He just needed to talk to the member of the Bishopric there! So he passed the interview with him, practiced a million times the prayer and baptized the 10 year old boy Gabriel. The first time he said the prayer, you could tell he was super nervous. He didnt immerse him all the way, so he had to do it again. Gabriel started crying because he was so scared. But with the help of one of the other men who baptized another kid, Gabriel got baptized, and Ezequiel did his first baptism! We talked to both of them after how good a job Ezequiel did, and how brave Gabriel was. Success!

2. Sister Martin and I were walking on a road that is pretty safe around 8pm going to an appointment nearby. We looked behind us and saw a man with a big leather jacket and his hand in his jacket holding something. 2 seconds later I heard him running towards us. I grabbed Sister Martin, she turned around and scowled at him, giving him a mean face (just like Liz used to give to me). The man held up his hands and said, ´stay calm, stay calm!` I then thought, okay, maybe he wasnt going to assault us. Maybe he was running for some other reason. So obviously, as a missionary, I invited him to church and said we are missionaries. He then said, ´oh no! you two are missionaries? I was going to assault you with my knife here, but for sure I would go to hell if I did.´ He then ran off the other direction. What an idiot. But we totally double teamed him- spiritually and physically! Yay for self defense! 

10 minutes before that we were leaving a dangerous area just as the sun was setting. We started singing hyms for comfort because it was getting dark super fast. We saw a man only when he was about 10 feet away, I said, ´where did that man even come from?´Síster Martin said, just keep singing in a frantic tone of voice. He passed us and said ´Síster Clark´is an extremely growly, low voice. I did not recognize him at all. We´re hoping that he was someone that we briefly talked to and somehow remembered my name. But that was enough in one day to not let us go to sleep that night!

3. We had an investigator that we met one week ago, and this past week she said that she had a dream about 2 american girls showing a drawing to her. The next day we came and showed her that exact picture on the cover of the Restoration pamphlet. Whoa, God is really preparing souls! She told us this story after we had our 2nd lesson with her and her mom. Her mom had already received the misisonaries many times. She asked us why we even need to go to church, her heart and mind were completely closed. I explained exactly why, bearing my testimony through out, and she started to cry saying she had never heard anyone talk the way we preach. She loved loved it. I attribute my strong testimony of church attendance to the many inactives here in Brasil! What a change in a matter of 5 minutes! Never seen someone change so fast and acknowldge it!

4. This week we have been teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lot of kids. So we got this idea from our district to teach baptism this way; start with water in a glass cup. Put in some juice mix- means a person is impure and sinning. But then, what does baptism do? Wash your sins away! So put in clorox and it cleans the cup, the water is white again! The kids love it and they get exactly why they need to be baptized! 

5. We have had so many people stop us and ask us about our church, and then we find out that they had already visited the church and wanted to hear more. The Lord is truly working through us. He has been preparing these people and Sister Martin and I are just doing the clean up work of other Missionaries. Every day is an adventure, because we love finding these people who are SOSOSOSO ready for baptism. Just need to invite them!

6. Sunday morning we went to get the 3 kids who got baptized. The young woman said, just give me a few minutes to get ready then I´m good to go. She was SUPER excited to get the Holy Ghost, she was wearing her prettiest dress. So we went to the 2 boy´s house. When their ride came, the young woman was no where to be found. We searched, searched, searched, prayed, prayed, may have cried a bit, and asked EVERYONE. Turns out her bi-polar mom forced her to go to the ranch in the few minutes she was out of our sight. She didnt want to go, (thats what her neighbors said). That wasn´t even the start of it. When we were at church, right before sacrament meeting (the last hour) we counld´t find the 2 boys where were baptized the night before and needed to get the gift of the holy ghost. After a few minutes, one of our investigatos said that they left. We sprinted for a mile to catch up with them and finally found them with other young men in the ward. Hmmmm, maybe we should work on being good examples for the new members of the ward, yah? It was a crazy, emotion filled day. And we are 100% positive Marisa will get the Holy Ghost next week at church without problems. 

This church is true and I know it! God works though all of us! We just need to be worthy and willing!

Sister Clark
ps-dont worry about my safety, ive got the mantle of the lord on me!

1. we had 3 baptisms this week! cutest kids ever! they are 10, 13, and 13. so the young womens president, primary president, and young mens president were all at the baptism with PLENTY of other people. best baptism ive ever gone to!
2. me and my companion Sister Martin
3. all the sisters in our zone. love having other sisters here!

14 September 2013



Dear Family and Friends,

This week was down right crazy, spiritual, and amazing. First off most important thing that peaks everyone´s interest: we saw a man get shot about 40 feet away from us. We we walking back from lunch on this busy road. Sister Martin was walking closer to the road and I was walking closer to the nearby field. We heard a POP, we both thought it was a firework because they are popular here, I looked to my right (where the field was) and saw a man in broad daylight shooting a gun (a pistol). He was point the gun at one direction and walking towards a ditch. We both thought it was just an animal that he was shooting at. I yelled, `That man has a gun!´ (Good thing the gunman doesnt speak english!) He didn´t hear me luckily. Then after a few seconds we realized that there was a man in the ditch with his hands up! We couldnt even see the man, just his hands peeking out of the deep ditch. Thats when Sister Martin shouted `That man just shot another man!`Once again, the gunman didnt hear our girly screams and continued to shoot the man. He didn´t shoot him in the head or heart, he was aiming for his legs. After what felt like a century, we came to our senses and ran off. While looking back we saw the gunman carry off the other guy like a prisoner and dragged him into his beat up car. We immediately called our District Leader and he said it was probably a bounty hunter. Not sure about that, but all I know is that that experience was WAY too close, and two stupid American girls were just staring at the shooter. Thank goodness for prayers and the Lord´s protection! That was a trip in and of it self. 

But no, that wasn´t the end of this crazy week! On sunday we had 14 investigators at church! New record baby in my numbers! 6 is the norm here in Brazil. So church was literally a nightmare trying to keep 4 kids quiet (these kids we had JUST invited to church right before church and surprisingly they came, and more surprisingly they had already been numerous times and not been baptized and wanted to be baptized!). There was a man at church who had crazy eyes and was talking WAY too close to us. The members noticed him and realized he was super strange so the final prayer of sacrament meeting the woman prayed for our lovely missionaries that they´d be safe and protected. Bahaha, we needed it!

This week we have found so many people who are literally waiting for the invite to be baptized, for example one woman asked before we even introduced the lesson we´d be teaching, `Why don´t we have a church with complete doctrine like Jesus Christ organized´and `Jesus has done so much for me, when can I be baptized?´ The blessings are literally flowing in this area, the only difficulty is organizing all these eager souls!
 I have never had such a spiritual, crazy, and wonderful week on the mission as I have this past week! The church is true! I am so grateful for all of these blessings and for your strength, support, and prayers. 

Sister Clark 

1- fireside with the other missionaries nearby, and i got to see a ton of people that i knew from a year ago


Dear Family,
I have yet again, another companion! Síster Martin! She is from California and has 4 months in Brasil. We already teach really well together and are working hard to improve our lessons.

This week was an amazing, crazy, packed week. We had a baptism of Ana Caroline (we had a baptism of a girl named Ana Carolina last week, what are the odds!), we had a Festa de Julinha at the ward, and I got a new companion! There is a member who has been helping out a ton with this work. Her name is Alice and she is the Primary President. She is married to a devout Catholic and has a son who is 10 years old. All of her son´s friends and their families want to be baptized because Alice loves to invite anyone and anyone to church. We have only been teaching in this little neighborhood because there are so many people interested and the help of Alice is beyond a miracle. I wanted to take a picture one night of what I think is a miracle. Alice asked a little girl at the end of our lesson if she wanted to come back to her house and eat cake and read the chapted that we marked for this little girl in the Book of Mormon. So we passed by real fast and I seriously almost cried. It was Member Missionary Work at its finest. Every saturday night Alice calls us to ask whom she can pick up for church and how our lessons went  during the week that she wasnt there personally (basically just a few). Her husband know everything there is to know about the Catholic Church and the Bible so we have friendly Bible bashes. I use a lot of references in Jesus the Christ, thanks James E. Talmage!

Missionary Work in its prime!
Love you lots, this church is true!

-Síster Clark

1. BEST PACKAGE EVER, thank you thank you thank you momma and daddy!!
2. My new companion Síster Martin at Ana Caroline´s baptism this saturday, with her little sister Cecilia. Cutest and most prepared person to be baptized I´ve ever met!

13 September 2013


Óla, Óla, Óla!
I arrived in Candeias, Vítoria da Conquista, e BAM! had a baptism! Ana Carolina is a niece of a less active member in our ward who doesn´t like Elders, so when Sísteres opened the area 3 transfers back, they became more receptive. This girl has a strong support system, so we have high hopes for whom she can become with the help of this ward. This ward looks more of less like an American ward, there are tons of white people here and plenty of blondes. So no more standing out of the crowd for me! 

My companion Síster Viera is amazing and I already love her. We are working hard to organize this work and this area. The Bishopric and the members are eager to help any way possible. This area is different because the neighborhoods are super far apart, wasting 30 minutes or an hour walking to a different area which I´m not used to. 

We taught a man this week who is Mason and knows A LOT about our church and the symbolism behind everything (including a lot about the temple). He boldly stated that our church is true. He doesn´t want to be baptized because he is already set in his ways. I shared with him Hebrews 12:6, and said that whom the Lord loves, He changes, He molds. He said he never thought of it that way. But in the end he said he will pray about it and he thanked us for the visit. Never have I ever been more frustrated with someone, I literally just wanted to kick him into the baptismal font (is that wrong of me? yessssss)! But I guess we all have our agency! 

This church is true and I know it and I live it!     
-Síster Clark

1. me at the jeorge amado museum (famous writer in ilheus) took this picture my last day in ilheus
2. last day with Síster Maciel- already missing my bestie!
3. Batismo de Ana Carolina! I arrived here, and bam! Had a baptism! Best welcome gift ever!


Dear Family,
Guess who is finally getting transferred after 4 transfers in Ilhéus? This Síster! I am going to Zona Vítoria da Conquista (my first Zone where I started the mission) but in a different area. I am super excited! My companion will be Síster Viera who was the first 19 year old in our mission. And she will by my 9th companion on the mission! 

This week was a crazy week of finding, teaching, and inviting. One of the best lessons we had this week was on sunday when a member came up to us and said, `Sisteres! I have two people who want to hear your messages at 15h this afternoon, they will be at my house. Do you already have an appointment?`Obviously, we cancelled our plans for that hour and went to this appoint. It was the most spiritual, calm, and simple lesson we have ever taught. When we invited them to be baptized they said yes with such excitment and interest! Minutes after the lesson ended they were organizing what type of cake they would have at their baptism with this member. WHOA! Working with members is AWESOME!! Sadly, these two women who committed to be baptized only have time on sundays... and I´ll be transferred tomorrow. So I won´t be able to follow through with them. But nonetheless, I loved seeing member missionary work at its finest! 

This work is wonderful and so much easier, better with the member´s help. So as a missionary here in the field- go help the missionaries, they need it! Help them with references and go out with them! Food helps too! 

Love you all, thank you for your thoughts, letters, prayers and support.
Síster Clark

we had a zone activity bbq monday, played some sweet volleyball and dodgeball!