23 June 2013


Dear family!

This week in total we taught 69 lessons, 30 of which were with members. We have been running around trying to get a solid group of people who are improving and progressing in the lessons/committments because that has been a difficulty in our area. We are constantly trying new ways to get people to go to church and to find new people. Finding new people isn´t hard at all, but finding new people who are progressing and want to have more than just ´visits´ of the Sisters is the hard part. We are thinking positive and creatively and this week has been one of the funnest, most Spiritually led, and profitable week I have had on the mission. Elder Godoy who is an Area Authority in Brazil and is known by every single Brazilian gave a training in November for the missionaries in our mission before I arrived, he said- if you don´t have quality then get quantidade. And find and teach your quantidade with qualidade. That is exactly what we have been doing this week and we have seen so many miracles of comple change in people´s lives, finding a lot of people who have already visited the church and straight up said they wanted to be baptized. 
The Lord is truly working through us, and we are just merely instruments! This week our PadrĂ£o de Quinta (Pattern of Thursday) meaning, the numbers we should have by thursday night changed. It used to be 9 people who committed to baptism and now it is 14 people with 3 men. We are super excited for this challenge because we know this work is accelerating and we just need to do the best we can do and put our trust in the Lord! 
Sister Clark
I´m sending a billion photos because today I renewed my visa in the morning and then my companion and I went to see the sights in Salvador! It was a touristy afternoon, super fun and the best way to recharge the batteries for this wonderful work! And we talked to tons of people about our purpose as missionaries here!


1. Me and Sister Maciel at the Pelourinho today for P-Day 
2. Pelourinho! Even as a sister, still can look pretty- yay for me!
3. Famous street in Salvador with the colored houses!
4. MICHAEL JACKSON HOUSE- best part of the day! 
5. Yo kenz this pic is for you! The graffiti in Salvador, and mostly all of Bahia is so beautiful, I am so obsessed with it!


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