23 June 2013


Dear Family and Friends,
This week was wonderful beyond words. We organized a ton of family nights with the  members, service projects, and a big family night in the park with the whole Branch. All were a complete success! We met so many people who had family members who weren´t baptized and were essentially waiting for our invite. Miracles do happen. This week was amazing due to the fact that we planned all these activities really well. Blessings come if we do our part, work hard and constantly seek for opportunities for serve. 
My companion and I did a division this week with the Relief Society President and another woman in the branch. Between us we were able to visit all the women in the Branch who have been going to church at least once within this past year. That day was a day FULL of miracles. Makes me have such a strong testimony of visiting teaching! I went with Laís, (not the RS prez) and I taught all the lessons, with Laís bearing her testimony and saying the prayers- I taught the same lesson to every woman we visited : Obedience. I used Elder L. Tom Perry and President Monson´s talks from this last General Conference. Have a new LOVE for obedience after teaching, preaching, and talking about this doctrine.
We had Stake Conference this sunday and it was one of the funnest stake conferences I have ever been to just because my companion and I had served in other wards in this stake so we got to reunite with tons of members and missionaries. President and Sister Andrezzo, my mission president and his wife, spoke as well. President spoke about the basic reasons why we preach this gospel (Christ lives and we have hope through him), Sister Andrezzo spoke about keeping the connection stong with your families. She said, you wonder why the missionaries baptize tons of kids? We don´t encourage them to baptize one age group over another, but our mission has tons of kids being baptized. And why is that? Because the missionaries and the primary give the kids much needed attention. It was interesting to hear that, because that is definitely true in the areas that we are serving!

Love you all, thank you for your thoughts and prayers!
This church is true, I know it, and I live it!
Síster Clark

1. onibus to the stake conference (1 hour). Loved every second of it... even though the member in the front looks like she doesnt!
2. moças em Ramo Centro (young women in Branch Centro). 
3. Elder Santos- RM who served in NJ Morristown Mission and still wears the NY Manhattan pin on his suit coat and lives here in Bahia! Small world! 

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