24 June 2013


Dear Família,
I´m alive, thank heavens! This week on thursday there was a protest in my city (the only protest to take place in my zone of 6 areas). The Area 70 Authorities had said to not participate, not take pictures, not make contacts with anything to do with these protests. Beleza. So my companion and I planned on teaching people who dont live near Centro (the center of the city). We heard that the people would protest in a few areas and that it all started at 2pm, and we didn´t think it would be that big because we not live in the capitol. We were leaving an area that wasn´t too close to Centro, when we started seeing people with their faces painted, Brazilian flags, and whatnot walking towards us. Then there were a huge barracade with a bonfire right in front of a huge lineup of busses. It was 6pm, so we figured that everyone was just leaving the protest. We turned our heads and about 100 feet away were 10,000 people marching down the hill towards us. I have never been so scared in my life! It had the same feeling as the race riots in the United States. So my companion and I walked super fast warning everyone that a huge group of people were coming this direction and to turn around. We avoided it, thank heavens! We passed by a less active member´s house and he was watching the news in Brasília, Brasil where the protests there were out of control. So who knows if the protests will get worse, but all I know is that they are already going to have another protest this next thursday. Yay, super excited.
To add to that, its still been raining a ton, soccer games, and festa da juninha (June Parties/Harvest Festival). So much culture makes missionary work a challenge! But I´ve loved every second of it, and its made us think creatively and seek more inspiration!
On a spiritual note, we have been teaching a lot about the Second Coming. The majority of the people that we talk to ´who dont want to get baptized say, `not now, i dont want to get baptized right now´so we´ve been putting fear in their hearts, and teaching them that no one knows when Christ will come (which is no exaggeration). And that we have church once a week as a preparation for the Second Coming, just as the Book of Mormon says in the introduction. I haven´t taught this way very much, but I have to say, its interesting to see people´s reactions!
And it was awesome seeing Vic Patrick at the fireside! Small world! Loved the Worldwide Training, makes me want to help the missionaries as a member so much because it is 10x easier with their help! (Even though knocking doors is one of my favorite things to do!)

Love you lots, thanks for your letters, thoughts, and prayers.
Síster Clark

1. there are bonfires every night because of the harvest festivals here in northeast brasil. the typical food is anything with corn or peanuts, so the scent of corn and peanuts is constant!!
2. Festa at the church! Was an awesome way to get less actives and inactives to come to church- or at least make friends!

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