23 June 2013


Dear Loverlies,
This week was an experience. With the downpour of rain that refused to quit (1 foot river of water in front of our house), the constant soccer games, missionary work has been at its finest! NOT! We´ve made the best of it- including making homemade peanut better which I´m now obsessed with, went to Institute with a few of the young single adults, and did some street contacting with some prostitutes.
We had interviews with President Andrezzo which is always a highlight. He gave valuable advice and like always, motivated us to go out and share the light of this gospel with our example!
We´ve been teaching a lot of 14 year old youth this week and last week. Its so amazing to be teaching them the First Vision and we tell them that Joseph Smith had 14 years old as well- really relating these doctrines to them personally. They all are so intelligent and amaze me with their honest search for all that is good in this world. We are focusing a lot on what is a response to their prayers to help them commit to baptism!
I gave a training at our District Meeting this week on the Book of Mormon. I realized something, that in the Teaching Record sheets that we use to record an investigator´s progress it has space for the date, how it went, what commitments they accepted, and selections of the Book of Mormon. From this we can learn that whatever lesson we teach we can use the Book of Mornon, because as we know- it contains the fullness of the gospel! So my companion and I put that into action, and we definitely saw improvement in the understanding and spiritual nature of our teachings.
Hope all is well with friends and family, I´m praying for all of you and love you lots lots!
-Síster Clark

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