23 June 2013


Dear Família Abençoada,
Congratulations Mackenzie, Spencer, Madeleine, and Henry! Welcome to the World Baby Amelia! I´m just going to go ahead and say what everyone is already thinking, there are blessings of having a missionary in the field! You are welcome! Bahaha! I loved seeing the pictures and Saturday and Sunday I was so anxious to meet my little niece or nephew! What a blessing families are!
This week we did a lot of service for less actives and inactive members because our branch is seriously lacking in leaders. The church attendance this week was 38. So there´s definite room for growth and definite potentional. One of our star recent converts is named Marilene. She investigated many churches and finally settled down here in our church. She is always super confused because she can´t remember if our church as a specific doctrine, or it is was another church. We are constantly working with her to answer her questions. This last week and the week before she didnt go to church because she said that the members don´t want to help her and they never visit her. So the frustrations of keeping a branch going really hit us hard. If our recent converts don´t feel like they are growing or that they are in a place where they feel support, how can we baptize more people that remain firm in this gospel? We were praying, praying, praying, and asking our leaders and trying new things- finally at a Ward´s Council the Branch President said we should try having family night in the park once a week for more integration. It will be more or less Ward Prayer of what BYU wards do- just go, share a short message, play a quick game iwth a lot of people and then eat pop corn. Bam! Prayers are answered! And we have already organized this activity and are super pumped that this will bring more church attendance and a more love for this branch/church.
Other things this week:
-Became addicted to brazilian hot dogs. finally tried one. whoa! i have an addiction
-invited someone to be baptized by approaching him- did you know you have to be baptized to return to God´s presence? Will you be baptized? In my mind, the worst invite ever because it was so direct, but he accepted and seemed excited to finally be baptized after accepting the invite and learning more about this commandment.
-ate liver after everyone said it was super yummy. umm, no. definitely do not like liver. never again. (and i am not a picky eater here in brasil- i will eat literally anything- (fish, rice and beans everyday, whatever meat, etc)

This church is true. God hears our prayers and he is anxious to help us! The Book of Mormon is true!

Peace and Blessings,
Síster Clark

1. It rained for 2 days straight here. worst day of work ever! but we made the best of it! my companion and i are wearing my rain coats cause our umbrellas both broke because of the strong winds. Everytime it rains here it seems like the 2nd Coming due to the fierce winds and strange/scary looking clouds. No better time to cry repentance than now!
2. My companion and I helped a member and a less active make ice cream for the mutual activity the next day. Who´s pro at making ice cream now? Meee!

3. doing service this week and mowing an inactive member´s lawn

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