23 June 2013


Dear Friends, Family and All!
This week was amazing! We started off the week sprinting, tuesday we had a new goal called Day of Soul of 10 new investigators, 10 lessons with members, and 10 references contacted. If anyone knows about the numbers in missions- those numbers are really high, even for Brazil. But we achieved it! We planned and organized our day really well and were ready for anything! We saw so many miracles. If a family wasn´t in their house there was ALWAYS someone else nearby to teach that was willing to listen and commit to being baptized. I really gained a testimony that as missionaries, we are not here to teach one person at a time, we are here to teach families. We invited everyone and anyone to hear these lessons, and it was one of the most spiritual, fun, thrilling days I have had on the mission.
One of these references is a boy who´s uncle left the church because he was offended. This boy had already read parts of the Book of Mormon, a few pamphlets and basically stated that he wanted to get baptized. Sadly, we organized that a member would bring him to church (who he already knew and was friends with), and when the member passed by his house he had apparently gone to visit his mom in a nearby city. One more week that he has to wait to be baptized! There are countless miracles happening, but its still a struggle to get people to actually go to church- so all you return missionaries out there- any beyond creative ideas to help people go to church (here in brazil we walk with the members to go to church or we introduce a member who will go with them to church).  
This week we had Zone Conference with 3 zones. One thing that I realized has been lacking in my lessons is using scriptures in the Bible, I will occasionaly use them. But my Mission President gave a great discourse about relating the lesson on the Restoration to the people, making this lesson not seem like a strange, peculiar story (even though it is). So, he said to ask the investigator to get their Bible, have them look up the scripture and read it! So for the past week I have been studying scriptures in the Bible that relate to the lesson on the Restoration. Anddddd once again I´m feeling like a retard because I didn´t memorize scripture mastery in Seminary... so all you seminary students out there- memorize those scriptures!
Anyways, life is amazing! This week was transfers, and I will be staying with my companion Síster Maciel for this next transfer as well! My first companion for 2 transfers! I am super excited! And we have the Sister Training Leaders in our mission now. We are pumped to finally do divisions with other Sisters which I have never done before in the 8 months that I have on the mission! And because of visa problems, we only have 2 sisters arriving this transfer, not 7 like everyone was saying a few weeks ago. So we are all praying for visas for the hispanics and americans!

Peace and Blessings,
-Síster Clark

1. The sisters in 3 zones at our zone conference this week. We are a tight knit family!
2. My companion and I like to wear our nametags in the center because it gets more eye contact... and yes we realize it looks retarded, but we do it on occasion to change up the pace!
3. My companion, Síster Maciel, me and Síster Cruz. Síster Cruz trained us both is is now training the Síster that I trained for one transfer.
4. BBQ on PDay!
5. Played volleyball and a form of dodgeball that is awesome! Dare I say brazilian dodeball? anyway, it was an awesome way to spend our pday!

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