23 June 2013


oh family,
it was beyond wonderful talking to all of you yesterday! once again happy mother´s day momma bear!
Things I realized talking to all of you:
-on the mission I talk more direct and to the point, and want to get things done
-english is hard
-i <3 my family
-´what´s a testimony?´- madeleine made my heart melt!
-SUPER excited for my baby macarena to serve a mission and get set apart TONIGHT!!
-talking to family really puts things into perspective on what things are really important, instead of getting caught in the thick of things which is all to easy
-and finally- i am so stinkin happy that my family supports and helps me through out this mission! I love this support system that I have!!
This week was a great week full of lessons, finding new people to teach, and going out with a lot of less actives- who surprisingly were willing to go out with us, but didn´t want anything to do with the church. 2 transfers ago I was walking with my companion and a member to our meeting with the Leader of Missionary Work. We were about 20 minutes away, and the meeting was in 5 minutes. Due to a long lesson, we were super late. We were practically walk/jogging. Then, a car pulled to the side of the road and offered us a ride. We accepted because she said she was headed to the same neighborhood as we were. Unfortinuately, her phone rang the second we got in the car, and she was talking the whole time. As we were leaving we were only, very rushed, able to invite her to the church and say thank you. This sunday she and her son and daughter in law came to church! She said she is friends with some other members of our church (who go to a different ward) and that she wanted to bring her son, because as she said, `he needs to be taught.` So we marked a date (tomorrow) to go visit them. She was very grateful and said she was glad that she met us officially months ago. Miracles do happen!
This church is true and I know it!
-Síster Clark

1. talking on skype with all of you!
2. eating crab on sunday at a member´s house

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