05 May 2013


Olá Olá Olá!
How´s my family doing? Turns out (after many exams) I am severly lactose intolerant, have chronic heartburn, chronic reflux, had Dengue, and had my foot in a cast at the same time.
CAN ANYONE TOP THAT? Just kidding... but for reals. Blessings of the mission, neh?
 This week was an awesome week though, one of the best days was when we got 8 News (8 people who committed to being baptized). That glorious feeling never gets old when they accept the invite and understand the importance of baptism! Definitely a spiritual high!
The members in our Branch have really been helping out the missionary work here with family nights, always asking if we need any help, and always willing to do whatever we ask of them! It is awesome to see the intense desire in the member´s to help us help others! That is really what this church is all about- growing and helping others together.
We´ve been studying and focusing a lot on true conversion this past week. One scripture that I fell in love with is Mosiah 4:9&10. In verse 9 it talks about the things we should believe, everything starts with the same phrase. In verse 10 it talks about the things we should do. All in all, in these 2 verses, it is saying that true conversion is 10 things (about). And the last phrase is AND NOW (dont procrastinate) see that you do these things. Such a simple and easy scripture to measure youself against. It is a survey for members who already have the truths!
My area is doing really well, witnessing many miracles. My companion is in the running for best friend status (sorry Macarena).... Haha, nah- but we are working really well together and loving the mission. And everyday is an adventure filled with laughs!

Love you all and thanks for the prayers!
Síster Clark

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