05 May 2013


Dear Family,

So great to hear that Spencer and Kenz are all safe and sound. Everyone here was talking about it Tuesday and they ooooeeedddd and awwweeddd that I had family living there. But I thought- if anything did happen- i´ll just get a phone call. So no worries, but you were in my prayers! Today I me and my companion were with anouther dupla of SĂ­steres and while we were waiting in line at the supermercado two of them were reading about the bombs in Boston in a magazine. One of them said, (talking about the bomb, and all the other terrorist attacks on the US)- why do Muslims hate Americans! That religion should be banned in the United States! I immediately said- well if they were banned from the United States, we wouldnt have the restored church today! True true, thank goodness for freedom of religion! 
I went to the specialist today and it turns out that I had dengue! Whoop! I am a brazilian missionary finally! But who knows when I had it, haha! He said it was pretty recent because I still had a lot of traces of it in my blood. But my health is all good, got some good medicine, and it´s all back to normal this week!
Speaking of which! Last week was transfers, and I forgot to say that I now have a new companion! I counted it, and she is my 8th companion! i think I am going to set a record on the mission for the most amount of companions! My companion is named Sister Maciel and she´s from Coiabá, Brazil. She was trained by Sister Cruz in Itabuna (where I stared in December part 2 of the mission ). With only 2 transfers, she already is a spiritual giant. She reminds me a lot of Mackenzie- she is always thinking of solutions in a very organized fashion, and never focusing on the problems for more time than needed. With my last two companions I definitely changed and taught in the way a Sister teaches- God loves us, lets work with the recent convers and less actives only. But the second Sister Maciel arrived its declaring the doctrine in a bold and beautiful way. I am already learning so much and loving every second of this transfer!
We had an investigator who told us this week that she didnt want to be baptized because no one in the branch wanted to visit her after she said she needed more time to be baptized. She said the missionaries are loving, but the members do not help any new people in the branch. 
So unity in the branch is what we are working on. We have already talked with the branch president, that the second someone is confirmed a member of the church they should be receiving a calling to be part of this tiny branch we have here!
The church is true and it is perfect! 
Peace and Blessings!
-Sister Clark

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