05 May 2013


Dear Family!

I love all you you! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts! I am so grateful to have such a big loving family! 
This week I have been studying a lot in Matthew 7:17-20 which talks about good fruit coming from good trees and bad fruit only coming from bad trees. I was a bit confused from this, because as a member of this church we are constantly encouraged to find the good in every situation. So how can a bad tree produce good fruit: The answer is change. In Jacob 5:26-27 in this parrable, the Lord of the vineyard and his servants are changing the state of the trees (or rather the roots and branches). So all in all, what I have learned and what I am teaching from this knowledge- We can always find the light in any situation, we can change through the Atonement! 
We had a lesson this week that went horrible, the woman, Maria, totally brushed everything aside and we did not feel the Spirit. The next night we returned and taught the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom and with a lot more preparation, and a lot of prayers before this lesson- the lesson ended up being the best lesson we had ever taught. We showed pictures of our family in front of the temple to show blessing os obedience and that families can be together forever. What a change it was to see in our investigator´s mood. At the end she said- i really enjoyed this lesson, I am really excited to stop drinking coffee and tea. She wasw so excited to follow these simple commandments that are usually a little hinderance to a lot of people before baptism! 
The church is true and I know it! 
Love you all! You are in my prayers and thoughts
Sister Clark

1.  me and my companion at the church
2.  prefeitura de ilheus - government building.


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