01 April 2013


Happy Easter! Happy April Fools Day!
Sunday was wonderful at church! We had two investigators who were visiting for the first time and the third hour we had all together. We talked about how we all have a friday and then after a short time sunday will come and will be glorious! Just as Christ atoned and died for our sins on friday and then on sunday resurrected. We all have our own individual fridays and sundays. I loved this analagy because it really puts the Atonement to work! We just need a little bit of faith and hope, and do all we can and the Lord will do the rest! This week my companion has been on fire- she is learning so stinkin much and I am utterly obsessed with learning things from her. I still have something wrong with my stomach, but its all being taken care of by doctors, and tomorrow I go to a specialist.
There´s one sister in the stake who has especially been taking care of me Irma Marlucia- I have bascially seen her every other day. She´s essentially my second mom. She was supposed to travel to Salvador on saturday, and so I was on a division with a member and we passed by a party at another member´s house. Then, in walks Irma Marlucia- my heart sank with relief! Never have I felt so much love for someone, and had such unexpected excitement! Judging from this experience, I think it´ll be an emotional scen in less than a year!
This week I gave my first training on receiving a response to our prayers in District Meeting- it ended up being 4 minutes long due to time. But I brought the Spirit!
This church is true and I love every part of it! EXCEPT when your investigator sends a letter and returns all the materials we gave him saying that the time for him isn´t right, but yet he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that this true is of God and can bless him. I´m never been so sad in my life! We were teaching him to become the next branch president. My companion and I could see it. But now he wants nothing to do with the church. Luckily my companion and I are annoyingly persistent and we will return MANY times to his house to change his mind and show him wwe are here to help and show the love of Christ.

thank you for your prayers and your thoughts
love you all!
-sis clark

1. carrying avacados bahian style!
2. gotta love free fruit that grows in the tree in front of your house!
3. my companion and i on easter morning
4. when i was sick some sisters in the church came by to make lunch for us, and one of them braided my hair. it was so ghetto. theres a reason no white people get their hair done like this!

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