18 March 2013


I´m going to train! I´m going to be a trainadora! I am so stinkin excited and nervous! Everyone and their mom this past week was saying that I´d train, but I totally brushed it aside, and honestly didnt think it was possible- but the Lord knows whats best! Tomorrow night I will meet my companion! Tonight I will go to Salvador and I´ll arive in the morning, and then we´ll return early wednesday morning!
This week was awesome, I have never been SO excited to help someone as i was with a teenager named Marley. He´s 16 years old, is a surfer and always has a smile. He reminds me of Andy Larsend because he loves inviting others, including others, and just loves a lot of people! When he saw us walking up to his house he waved his hands really high and called all of his friends to come and talk to us. This all happened on Saturday- so we were confirming our investigator´s plans to go to church the next day. I think we asked all of Marley´s friends individually if they would go to church, and EVERYTIME Marley said- I will go, I will go, it doesn´t matter how, I will go. I will be there. He then asked how he can serve a mission, he then asked if he could teach people with us. Oh my gosh, I wanted to cry. After a little more time, we left and I had goose bumps and the biggest smile on my face. I grabbed Sister Nascimento and I said- I´ve never been this happy in my entire life or excited! We NEED to say a prayer to give thanks! Hey guess what! I AM A MISSIONARY! I am 100 percent a missionary! My first thought was to give thanks after we left! I have never said a prayer that I just wanted to laugh because of how happy we were! Definitely the highlight of my week- if now, this transfer!
The next day a member´s mom passed away. We went to the funeral service, sang Nearer My God to Thee. It was beautiful, and once again confirmed my testimony of the Plan of Salvatioin.
The last 2 FHE´s that we planned were in the houses of the families who had a family member pass away that same week... so i dont know if anyone in this branch will want to have fhe because of the bad karma it brings! oops!
This church is true and i know it and i live it!
-Sister Clark

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