25 March 2013


I finally got my cast off, and I had a wrap around my foot for two days, Hallejuah! That was a blessing in and of itself! One thing I learned while with the cast- I hate asking for help even when I desperately need it. The missionaries here call that American Pride. I reek of that pride!
I´ve had some sort of virus for this past week as well and had a fever for 3 days, apparently I don´t have Dengue. But I think I can conclude that the mission does not like me. We went to the hospital on saturday night, we got there at 8pm and were discharged at 3am after they just said i dont have dengue and they gave me an IV drip. But all will be fine and dandy in the next few days! This week I camped out at member´s houses while my companion visited a few people with a member. What did I do while at member´s houses? I was basically the babysitter, sat in front of the TV with the rest of the family and/or slept. So that was basically my entire week!
But things are looking up, I´m able to eat again and enjoy life. Just some stupid virus or infection that decided to make manifest when I also was with a cast on my foot. The ward members, my Mission President and his wife, my companion, the Zone Leaders and District Leaders are taking care of me! I feel the love!
Peace and Blessings!
-Sister Clark

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