25 March 2013


I finally got my cast off, and I had a wrap around my foot for two days, Hallejuah! That was a blessing in and of itself! One thing I learned while with the cast- I hate asking for help even when I desperately need it. The missionaries here call that American Pride. I reek of that pride!
I´ve had some sort of virus for this past week as well and had a fever for 3 days, apparently I don´t have Dengue. But I think I can conclude that the mission does not like me. We went to the hospital on saturday night, we got there at 8pm and were discharged at 3am after they just said i dont have dengue and they gave me an IV drip. But all will be fine and dandy in the next few days! This week I camped out at member´s houses while my companion visited a few people with a member. What did I do while at member´s houses? I was basically the babysitter, sat in front of the TV with the rest of the family and/or slept. So that was basically my entire week!
But things are looking up, I´m able to eat again and enjoy life. Just some stupid virus or infection that decided to make manifest when I also was with a cast on my foot. The ward members, my Mission President and his wife, my companion, the Zone Leaders and District Leaders are taking care of me! I feel the love!
Peace and Blessings!
-Sister Clark

23 March 2013



The beginning of this week Sister J. Silva and I were working really well together, planning really well, and going out with members to teach people. We were able to get Padrao de Quinta- (Standard of Thursday) which means from monday to thursday we were able to get 100 contacts, 11 people accepted the invite to be baptized, and we had 16 lessons with members. We were basically on fire! One of our investigators is definitely an elect, he has the biggest smile and it instantly brings happiness to everyone! We met him in front of his house when we were asking for directions. We talked to him a bit and taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We invited him to be baptized and he rejected it because he said at the moment he wasnt ready. The next time we talked with him, we sang a hymn (Sister J. Silva LOVES to sing, and has a beautiful voice), and then taught him more in depth about the gospel of  Jesus Christ. We then invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized, he started to cry and said he´d been waiting for this opportunity, and this is what he´d been missing in his life. It was so fulfilling to be able to see the difference in a lesson that is simple/short versus a lesson that explains each part and the Spirit is extremely present. We love to teach short lessons to people with the Spirit rgod really knows his children!
really strong, but for this instance it was better with a formal, long lesson.
Then everything changed on friday, my foot has been throbbing and swollen for 2 weeks now and it was literally a nightmare walking on the sidewalks and roads of Ilheus which are all horrible and uneaven. I started taking strong medicine a week ago and it wasnt making a difference, so on friday we went to the hospital. We went to all of the hospitals that are in our area (4) and none of them accepted our health plan. So a member in Itabuna (my last area, that is only 30 or 45 minutes away) called and said she´d take me to a clinic there. Long story short, I have a cast on my foot because I sprained and pulled muscles in my right foot, I can´t walk on the cast, and no one has crutches so i´m just hopping around, and I am 95 percent sure I will sprain my other foot doing this.... And right now I have a really bad virus or the flu. There´s a lot going on at once... I feel like Job. Thank goodness for faith and hope!
But my perspective is positive, and my companion is awesome. The members are helping out a lot. President and Sister Andrezzo are helping out a ton, and the missionaries in my zone are all ready to help at a moment´s notice. What a great network out church has when there is an emergency!  
I go back on wednesday to the clinic for them to check on my foot and see if I need more time with the cast.
But I am doing well, and there´s tons of great people who are helping me everyday!
Peace and blessings,
Sister Clark
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1. my new companion sister j silva at the president´s house in salvador
2. thanks for the peanut butter! the branch pretty much loves me cause i bring peanut butter for lunch and they all get a chance to try some!
3.mac and cheese- happiest misisonary in the whole entire world!!
4. soccer post and the beach in the distance = BRASILLL!!


Fist week of being a Treinadora! I was the youngest (had the least time on the mission) trainer this transfer. I´m already traing my compain to be prepared to train after 2 transfers (like I did- more or less) This week has been full of miracles! I am losing my voice because I am talking so much with the members, investigators and with my companion. I am literally forced to talk now that I am the example for my companion and showing her the ropes- its completely different this perspective. I love every single second of it. I am learning so much!
On Wednesday I got my companion Sister J. Silva- she´s from the interior of Sao Paulo. She is straight up awesome and I am proud to say I am her mom. Already this week I have felt that feeling of ´oh my gosh, my lil baby is growing up!´ She is so eager to learn and we love learning together since we are both in the beginning of our missions. Thank goodness for our District Leader who is constantly giving us advice on how to better this work and work more efficiently.

We woke up on Sunday at 5:30 because we were so excited to bring our investigators to church, and we left our house at 7:00! I have never had that desire like I have now- I want to help these people so much! I will literally do anything. I also gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on the importance of reading the Book of Mormon- I suggested to the Branch President that we read the BoM as a branch and at the end we all bear our testimony for 1 minute (thanks dad for that idea). The branch is super excited for this goal, and we as missionaries are even more excited to be persistently annoying in asking people where they are in the Book of Mormon and how we can help to study/read.
I brought a lot of quotes with me on mission from Apostles (knowing that I´d need all the help I can get) and one of them really applies to this week:
As we follow the Savior, He blesses us with gifts, talents, and the strength to do His will, allowing us to go beyond our comfort zones and do things we´ve never before thought possible.´- Robert D. Hales
Bam! With God- ALL things are possible.
This church is true and I KNOW it!
-Sister Clark
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18 March 2013


I´m going to train! I´m going to be a trainadora! I am so stinkin excited and nervous! Everyone and their mom this past week was saying that I´d train, but I totally brushed it aside, and honestly didnt think it was possible- but the Lord knows whats best! Tomorrow night I will meet my companion! Tonight I will go to Salvador and I´ll arive in the morning, and then we´ll return early wednesday morning!
This week was awesome, I have never been SO excited to help someone as i was with a teenager named Marley. He´s 16 years old, is a surfer and always has a smile. He reminds me of Andy Larsend because he loves inviting others, including others, and just loves a lot of people! When he saw us walking up to his house he waved his hands really high and called all of his friends to come and talk to us. This all happened on Saturday- so we were confirming our investigator´s plans to go to church the next day. I think we asked all of Marley´s friends individually if they would go to church, and EVERYTIME Marley said- I will go, I will go, it doesn´t matter how, I will go. I will be there. He then asked how he can serve a mission, he then asked if he could teach people with us. Oh my gosh, I wanted to cry. After a little more time, we left and I had goose bumps and the biggest smile on my face. I grabbed Sister Nascimento and I said- I´ve never been this happy in my entire life or excited! We NEED to say a prayer to give thanks! Hey guess what! I AM A MISSIONARY! I am 100 percent a missionary! My first thought was to give thanks after we left! I have never said a prayer that I just wanted to laugh because of how happy we were! Definitely the highlight of my week- if now, this transfer!
The next day a member´s mom passed away. We went to the funeral service, sang Nearer My God to Thee. It was beautiful, and once again confirmed my testimony of the Plan of Salvatioin.
The last 2 FHE´s that we planned were in the houses of the families who had a family member pass away that same week... so i dont know if anyone in this branch will want to have fhe because of the bad karma it brings! oops!
This church is true and i know it and i live it!
-Sister Clark