04 February 2013


Dear World!

I am now serving in a branch in Ilheus called Ilheus Centro. It is so awesome to be serving in a branch cause the members are so strong in the church and SO eager to make the branch a ward! There were 36 people in sacrament meeting this sunday (so I think I should know the name of everyone in the Branch by this next sunday or the sunday after! (Which is a complete miracle for me and most other Americans cause the names of people are soooo different!)

My companion is Sister Nascimento and she is from Recife (the temple boundries of the Recife Temple include Bahia), so she already knows a lot of the members here or they know her family. She is seriously the example of gaining the confidence of the members. She is teaching me a ton about this- i blame my inability (weakness) to gain confidence in the members because im from new jersey. The lessons are longer, the conversations are longer. I´ve always know this is really important, and I´ve been friends with a lot of the members in the wards I´ve served in. But I feel like the people in this Branch are really open and Sister Nascimento and I are REALLY getting to know these people. They are not just numbers/lessons.
This week I wa reading in Alma 5, and I absolutely fell in love with verse 62 that says by commandment we preach the gospel to those who have already entered into the covenant and by invite we preach the gospel to those who have not entered. Its 50/50 in this work. Strengthening the members and inviting the nonmembers. This gospel is wonderful and is for our benefit! What a marvelous knowledge we have!
-Sister Clark

1. me and Jorge Amado in Ilheus
2. Me and Sister Nascimento my companion right now
3. Me and my former companion Sister Cruz

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