18 February 2013


love you lots! just wanted to say thanks for the blessings of your prayers! i can feel it! wooohooo!  
This week was amazing- specifically one experience made this week awesome. We visited a man named Sergio with our Leader of Missionary Work. Sergio is 45 years old, uses drugs on occasion, rarely goes to church (maybe once every 6 months or so) and is a return missionary! He served a mission in Manaus (the Amazons of Brazil). We talked with him, saw his mission photos, and shared a short message with him on the importance of church attendance (duh) and living the gospel standards.
After, my companion asked if he still had a Book of Mormon in his house. He replied that he didn´t think so, if he did, it was torn up to use for kindling for fire (What horror). So my companion pulled out a copy of the Book of Mormon and starting saying the rote dialoge of sharing the Book of Mormon with someone, I stopped her and asked Sergio, `you are a return missionary, explain to me what is this book. I´m a contact on the street. `what is this book?` He paused, and was literally searching and searching and searching his brain for the right words to say. He said it was the word of God and that a man gould have a better relationship with him by reading it and living the doctrines that are taught in this book. I asked if this book was a Bible (what every asks, or calls it a Biblia dos Mormons). He said it was not. We asked him if there was a verse of scripture that had a promise about the truthfulness of this book, he could barely remember the name of Moroni, but with a little help he knew it was Moroni 10. Anyways, we continued asking him the normal questions that everyone asks when we present the Book of Mormon, and Sergio spoke very slowly and really had to think about every respone. It was such a humbling experience and this man had the biggest smile on his face the entire time, but the same time he was on the verge of tears. Thank goodness we have the Holy Ghost and his inspiration in our lives- especially in missionary work!
In other news- everyone is gosspiping about the pope and exactly why he is retiring. Great and easy way for us to start to teach about Prophets! Carnaval came and went and only had to passy by 2 blocos (a truck with huge speakers playing music and everyone walking/driving cars with beer in their hands dancing and doing carnally minded things following this truck). I may or may not have loved the music while my companion told me that I´m going to HE double hockey sticks if i continue to listen to it.... Bahaha!
This church is true, and I know it!
-Sister Clark

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