25 February 2013


(no idea how these Asian characters got in here, but it's how we received it - just keeping it authentic!)
Oh Family how I love thee!
The week started off with Mission Conference! We had 3 Zones together- Ilheus, Itabuna, and Porto Seguro. It was awesome to go back to my old stomping ground (last transfer) and visit Itabuna for the day. The whole day was conference and there wasn a second that went by that we didn feel the influence of the Holy Ghost. Some interesting things that were taught were that Less Actives/ Recent Converts and the members in the ward who are azynd don magnify their callings are the best people to ask references from. Because the eople who are firm in the gospel and are always helping the missionaries--the majority of their friends are already mormons because they are the ones running all the activities and bailing on their non-mormon friend activities. A sad truth! So are incouraged to ask, and ask, and ask more references of these people! Sister Andrezzo, my mission president wife said- verytime you have fear- you are taking away the power of the Lord that is with youGahh! That hit me like a brick since i still a pansy and still have fear speaking with people! So- Sister Clark doesn have anymore fear! 100% FAITH!
Two sundays ago we were finally able to visit a family who is all less active except for the 18 year old boy. We gave a lesson on the Family A Proclamation to the World and committed them to prepare as a family to return to church this sunday. hey accepted, and we marked down the next time we visit them during the week. also showed the boy Preach My Gospel online and he bookmarked the site and said he read it especially the parts that I showed him.wednesday we got a phone call that the dad passed away. We were literally in the middle of planning (with enthuasism) a Family Night with their family and with investigators. We were creatively thinking of ways to reaactive this family as a whole. What are the odds. So, in the afternoon we went to a funeral. There were only a few members there- but the Branch President dedicated the grave, and we sang `Nearer My God to Thee`. I cried only in the last verse- that in and of it self is a miracle. Another miracle is that the 18 year old boy had a smile on his face and was helping his family, especially his mom while she was on the verge of fainting the entire day. He is going to be an AMAZING missionary- I look forward to reading his letters, because I have never seen such peace and joy in someone amidst such tribulation!
This sunday I also taught Gospel Principles class! My first time! Woohoo! It was a success! The presence of the Holy Ghost was there and it was a very interactive class!
This church is true and we are all struggling- but we have help- Jesus Christ! I am so grateful for him and that Heavely Father knows each and every one of us!
Sister Clark
1. my 5 week anniversary february 11th!
2. animals are dirty here...
3. all the sisters in 3 zones for mission conference!
4. me and sister andrezzo, my mission president´s wife at mission conference
5. last week with my companion sister nascimento :(


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18 February 2013


love you lots! just wanted to say thanks for the blessings of your prayers! i can feel it! wooohooo!  
This week was amazing- specifically one experience made this week awesome. We visited a man named Sergio with our Leader of Missionary Work. Sergio is 45 years old, uses drugs on occasion, rarely goes to church (maybe once every 6 months or so) and is a return missionary! He served a mission in Manaus (the Amazons of Brazil). We talked with him, saw his mission photos, and shared a short message with him on the importance of church attendance (duh) and living the gospel standards.
After, my companion asked if he still had a Book of Mormon in his house. He replied that he didn´t think so, if he did, it was torn up to use for kindling for fire (What horror). So my companion pulled out a copy of the Book of Mormon and starting saying the rote dialoge of sharing the Book of Mormon with someone, I stopped her and asked Sergio, `you are a return missionary, explain to me what is this book. I´m a contact on the street. `what is this book?` He paused, and was literally searching and searching and searching his brain for the right words to say. He said it was the word of God and that a man gould have a better relationship with him by reading it and living the doctrines that are taught in this book. I asked if this book was a Bible (what every asks, or calls it a Biblia dos Mormons). He said it was not. We asked him if there was a verse of scripture that had a promise about the truthfulness of this book, he could barely remember the name of Moroni, but with a little help he knew it was Moroni 10. Anyways, we continued asking him the normal questions that everyone asks when we present the Book of Mormon, and Sergio spoke very slowly and really had to think about every respone. It was such a humbling experience and this man had the biggest smile on his face the entire time, but the same time he was on the verge of tears. Thank goodness we have the Holy Ghost and his inspiration in our lives- especially in missionary work!
In other news- everyone is gosspiping about the pope and exactly why he is retiring. Great and easy way for us to start to teach about Prophets! Carnaval came and went and only had to passy by 2 blocos (a truck with huge speakers playing music and everyone walking/driving cars with beer in their hands dancing and doing carnally minded things following this truck). I may or may not have loved the music while my companion told me that I´m going to HE double hockey sticks if i continue to listen to it.... Bahaha!
This church is true, and I know it!
-Sister Clark

04 February 2013


Dear World!

I am now serving in a branch in Ilheus called Ilheus Centro. It is so awesome to be serving in a branch cause the members are so strong in the church and SO eager to make the branch a ward! There were 36 people in sacrament meeting this sunday (so I think I should know the name of everyone in the Branch by this next sunday or the sunday after! (Which is a complete miracle for me and most other Americans cause the names of people are soooo different!)

My companion is Sister Nascimento and she is from Recife (the temple boundries of the Recife Temple include Bahia), so she already knows a lot of the members here or they know her family. She is seriously the example of gaining the confidence of the members. She is teaching me a ton about this- i blame my inability (weakness) to gain confidence in the members because im from new jersey. The lessons are longer, the conversations are longer. I´ve always know this is really important, and I´ve been friends with a lot of the members in the wards I´ve served in. But I feel like the people in this Branch are really open and Sister Nascimento and I are REALLY getting to know these people. They are not just numbers/lessons.
This week I wa reading in Alma 5, and I absolutely fell in love with verse 62 that says by commandment we preach the gospel to those who have already entered into the covenant and by invite we preach the gospel to those who have not entered. Its 50/50 in this work. Strengthening the members and inviting the nonmembers. This gospel is wonderful and is for our benefit! What a marvelous knowledge we have!
-Sister Clark

1. me and Jorge Amado in Ilheus
2. Me and Sister Nascimento my companion right now
3. Me and my former companion Sister Cruz

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