07 January 2013


Fam fam fam!!

I´m glad the Open House still happened even with a plane delay! Woohoo! Go marriage! 
Instead of writing what happened this week, I think I will just write what happened on Sunday morning. A day in the life of a missionary perspective!

Woke up at 6:30, pondered on the beauty of this life- per usual. Hopped into the shower/got ready and then Sister Cruz and I left at 7:45 to pass by the houses of our investigators who wont go to church unless we go with them. We first passed by the house of Renato, Rafael, and Gisele. They are 3 kids who live right by the canal. Crossing over the canal we walk over a wooden bridge. On sunday it was extremely dangerous because it had rained that morning and parts of the canal were on fire. I think I reeked of camp fire smell for the entire day because of this! We picked up the kids, and then went to the next house. The next person is a 20 year old guy named Dielton. He knows the Bible a little TOO well. He doesnt have much humility, but he knows every single detail of the Bible and always asks us questions that we have no idea, nor do we think even matter in the grand scheme of things (to be frank...) BUT he always has a smile and is super nice! This morning, he was asking us questions about the creation, all the little details about it. And finally we had to pick up one other man named Ita-Mar, he´s a drunk... So we decided to drop off the kids, and Dielton first at the church, then go get Ita-Mar.

Good thing we did that. When we got to Ita-Mar´s house. his wife answered. She said he was not allowed to go to church today because he had the devil inside of him. We asked if we could talk to him, because his wife is ALWAYS mad at him for some reason. So we thought it was normal. We waited a while and then spoke with him. He was snorting crack and you could see the white powder around his nose. He tried to give us hugs/who knows what else, but his wife fought him off and was punching him to keep him away from us. After Ita-Mar fell to the ground, and didnt get up, but was still babbling, his wife said he was playing in the canal the night before. This canal is CRAWLING with rats. Good thing I didnt shake his hand! Phew!

Finally we arrived at church. We were extremely late, but it didnt matter. There was a man at the front who started talking to us as we walked in. He said the whole ward knows that I almost got hit by a truck this last week. Greatttt! So pretty much everyone came up to me and said that I should be more cautious! I was being cautious, the truck driver was going 100mph on a small side road and he came out of no where! But the whole city knew about it just cause they all knew that im the practically the only blonde who lives in the city!

And that was my sunday morning! I survived! Phew! 
This week was amazing though, miracles happening everyday!
The church is true!
-sister clark

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