28 January 2013


Family family family!!

Found out last night that I will be transferred! I am going to open a new area (again) in Ilheus (different Zone, but its only 2 hours from where I am right now). My companion will be Sister Nascimento (Brazilian) and she only has this transfer left, and then she goes home, so most likely I will be in this new area for at least 2 transfers!  I´m pretty excited for the new adventures ahead, but so sad to be leaving my companion Sister Cruz! She will be training a new Sister, and its a 66 percent chance it will be an American, so I´ve been coaching her on ways to help/teach learn the language.

This week we searched and searched for the houses of references that we received from ward members and other missionaries. Once again I´ve realized the most likely the general authorities are really frustrated with this country because its impossible to find people´s houses EVEN with their exact address. This country is not a house of order! But for me as a missionary its a great way to talk to more people while we´re asking for directions. So, the Lord does everything for a purpose!

We taught a woman who was so ready for the gospel, she´s extrememly humble, asking so many questions, and literally could not wait for the next point in the lesson to be taught. I almost felt like it was too easy teaching the message of the restoration with her! But we only visited her once, so who knows the second visit. But there truly are people who have been prepared to receive the message of the Restoration!
One thing I´ve realized while learning another language is that it is SO SO SO easy to instantly know if someone is humble/wants to hear more or they will take the time to listen to me and respond back to me when I ask questions. Whenever this does happen, I am so excited to teach this person cause I know that the things we are sharing are being heard.

This church is true, and as members we have the responsiblity to help others grow! So lets help out!
Sister Clark

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