14 January 2013


Dear Fam Fam Fam,

This week has been strange to say the least! The majority of our investigators know the Bible way too well and just wants to talk about things that are insignificant and me and my companion have NO IDEA what theyre even talking about. Its basically a competition for them. They are either this type or have some mental problems. Soooooo its been a week full of prayers asking for Heavely Father´s inspiration to help us help them. We´ve been trying our hardest and we´ve been creative, so its just up to the Lord now.

This week we almost had a baptism. Our investigator came to the interview before the baptism and he was extremely sweaty. He went into a room with out Zone Leader and 2 minutes later he came out saying he wanted to talk to us. He said he wasnt ready for baptism and that he´s done such horrible things in his life (he was part of a cult that does baptisms in animal blood, does voodoo, and is 100 percent of the devil) that he could never be forgiven of his sins and baptized. He then left.  We had talked to him A LOT about these things, and he was really turning his life around and he loved everything we shared about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We still have yet to talk to him again because he left to go be with that same cult in some other city, and his family doesn´t know when he will return. Soooo, who knows!

Ive been studying a lot about the Plan of Salvation this week. Specifically about the Pre-Earth Life. One thing I~ve learned is that God placed us in our families, in our locations, and this time for a specific purpose. He has a purpose for us! What a beautiful thing!
Also, we were walking in the streets and we heard 4 gun shots. I thought it was just fireworks, but we found out later that it wasnt. And apparently 2 people got shot near our neighborhood. But luckily we werent there. The streets were madness, evveryone was running toward the scene of the crime and the sound of police sirens was present for hours.Thank goodness for the protection from the Lord and His tender mercies!

Love you all! Peace and Blessings! This gospel is perfect.
-Sister Abigail Clark

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