25 December 2012


Family family family!

I don´t have much time because everything was closed today due to it being Christmas Eve, and it was really difficult to find a internet cafe, so we are already late for a meeting with our zone!

My zone is Itabuna, my area is Sao Caetano. Its in the interior, but only 6 hours by bus.

On Wednesday Sister Cruz and I arrived in our area to find that we had nothing in our apartment. We knew that the area had been closed by the last missionaries who served there, but we didn´t know what to expect. So this week we bought a lot for the apartment like a washing machine, a fridge, food, and a lot of other things.

Sister Cruz is an awesome companion. We were in the MTC together, so I already knew luckily!
Opening up an area, we´ve been using the Area Book a ton. And luckily a lot of people say hi to us and tell us they were already baptized but they don´t go to our church anymore. So everyday has been an adventure and I´ve already been loving every second of it!

Tonight we have a meeting with the other Elders in our district and i´ll take ´pictures there and send them next week!

The motto of our mission this year is: smile on the face, book in hand, and fire in the bones! I love it! Three easy things to do every single day that will DEFINITELY bring results!

Love you all!
Talk to you tomorrow!!
-Sister Clark

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