10 August 2012

July 9, 2012

dear fam bam,

       Life is amazing! I am loving every second of this. One of our investigators got married this week and the wedding was awesome. The food was amazing (authentic brazilian food) and it was just really fun to see all the members and friends at a celebration! My new Mission President spoke to us at our Zone Conference and instantly we could all tell that he is an amazing President. He was talking about his mission, and he had 3 mission presidents. He said the first was really strict, the second literally said, eh, you just need to follow the 10 commandments, nothing else. the third was right in the middle. so, he said hes not changing any of the rules. I´m glad about that, but I was never really worried. I know the other missionaries were though. We also got to have interviews with him and at the end he said, i would really like to share my testimony with you. i dont think anyone has ever said that to me the way he did, in the fact that he said it in such a way that he knows that his testimony with help me. I could really tell he´s got a big heart for every missionary. He has also REALLY stressed that no one is alone. We all have support systems, and they are set up for us, so use them.
       Sister Petersen and I were teaching a recent convert/less active and I shared a scripture about faith. I explained the scripture, and explained how it can help her. She then talked for a really long time and I didnt understand much of what she was saying (i´ll be honest, i was tired, and she was using big words). But while she was talking I was really thinking that I should talk about how faith and hope are related. This woman finally finished talking and then Sister Petersen started talking, which I was kinda sad about cause obviously I wanted to share what the Holy Ghost was prompting me to share. But who knew? The Holy Ghost promted Sister Petersen to share the same thing! And she talked about hope as well! Miracles do happen! Just a testimony of the fact that when you are really good friends with your companion you can accomplish a lot more!

funny things-

 -met a man who is a mason. apparently here in brasil it is not a secret if you are part of that brotherhood. he said he really liked our church, obvs cause joseph smith was a mason. he showed us a lot of the books and medals he has. i wish they were in english, but it was still cool none the less.

-i almost got peed on by a 10 year old boy. i was walking past him and he just pulled down his pants and started peeing. brazil is strange.

-in our apartment the only thing we have to cook with is a george foreman. i made eggs on it (which was not as smooth as i would have hoped). we didnt have a microwave cause we need an adapter and we can never find it. (so far ive counted 5 different kinds of plugs here in brazil. why do they not standardize things? idk) we dont have a stove cause we dont have gas, and we can never get gas cause we´ve been going to salvador to see the cardiologist and you never know when theyll come and bring the gas.. but the end of this week we got an adapter for the microwave. ive never been so happy in my life!

-every day i take a freezing cold shower cause its broken and theres no way to fix it. eee! i start the day off right!

-we ate dinner at a couple´s house after church on sunday. the woman looked exactly like kate foster. so k fos- here´s your shout out. theres your brazilian twin living in my area. ask your mom about her.

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