02 July 2012

July 2, 2012

Dear everyone and anyone,

I love this work. I love Brazil. I love the people. And I love my companion.

I got tranferred and I´m about an hour bus ride from Salvador (about 30/40 minutes by car). I think it is as similar to New Jersey as you can get (when it comes to the relationship between ny and nj). My companion is Sister Peterson, and I actually emailed her mom before coming on this mission because I talked to her on Mission Moms. Pretty cool how small a world this is! It took no time at all to be friends, and we work really well together even with my lack of knowledge of portuguese and this new area.

We´ve been working a lot with this one family and its amazing to see Sister Peterson at work. This family loves her and she loves them, and it is simply because she shows her personality throught the gospel. These lessons are natural the Holy Ghost is very strong. The people speak slower with her cause she requests it even though she is fluent. It is a completely different experience this tranfer and I am loving ever second of it.
I´ve been thinking a lot of a talk Linda Etherington gave in Short Hills one sunday, She was talking about giving all your effort everyday (which I the time I could not stop thinking about even babysitting 7 girls, so props mama etherington). Anyway, she talked about giving 100 percent everyday,asking for the Lord´s help to improve and be strengthened everyday. And through diligence and the Lords help, where ever you start you can improve every day by just a little bit. It is exactly what I try to do everyday. Sister Peterson said something to me that relates to my last area 100 percent, `sacrifice does not have to mean suffering`This mission is a sacrifice, but all I can do is my best, and ask the Lord for help, and if that isnt good enough, then dont be discouraged. I count my blessings everyday that I have such positive influences in my life right now. They can really make a difference!
Church on sunday was spectacular. It was fast sunday and there were people waiting in long lines to bear their testimonies. Mostly due to the fact that there was a large caravan of members who went to the Recife temple (about 8 hours). I love the temple and these people love it more cause the HAVE to sacrifice to get to it.
Fun things:
  • there's a subway restaurant in my area, and it tastes exactly the same as in the US. its has a better and classier rep than in the us. I kind of am obsessed with it. Reminds me of my glory days working at the BYU Foodcourt and getting food for half off and id get a footlong sub for 2.50!
  • brazilian burgers put american burgers to shame. when i say american, im including the brazilian burger restaurant in ironbound. brazilian burgers are where its at. overload of food!
  • i had peanut and coconut icecream the other day and it was AMAZING, it reminded me of masman curry. kenz- try it.
  • the house numbers here are AWFUL, if there is something that God is frustrated about it is definitely to origanization of the church records of the members here. some people dont have house numbers, some people dont know how to spell their name, some people dont even know what street they live on. Thus, when people get baptized, the records are written and are awful.
  • when i got transferred i had to once again take the bus ride from hell like i did when i first came into the field. except this time it was just me on the bus! very strange not having someone there to protect you when a man is telling me that he will give me necklaces because i am so pretty... hmmmm. no thank you?
Love you lots, Thank you for the prayers, Continue building your testimony,
The Church Is True.
-Sister Clark
**send letters to the mission home as she's so close now
Sister Abigail ClarkBrazil Salvador South Mission
Av. Lucaia, 295, Sala 202/203
Ed. Empresarial Lucaia, Horto Florestal
40295-130 Salvador - BA

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