11 June 2012

June 11, 2012

dear fam bam,

I had my first baptism! It was amazing! The first day I got to my area was the first lesson Sister Ferreira and I taught Andreia. It was sweet to be there through out the entire conversion process. She is 14 years old and has a lot of faith, and her family will hopefully be baptized in the coming weeks.

The Manaus Temple was dedicated this week and we got to see the broadcast of the dedication and the Cultural Celebration (which was kinda strange, and frankly i wish i could have been out teaching instead of watching it). President Uchtdorf and Elder Cook were at the dedication and President Uchtdorf said that our temple recommends reflect whether we walk before the Savior with ALL our hearts. So keep a current temple recommend!

We also had a Mission Conference this week with my President, President Vecchi and the AP´s. They pretty much talked about the transition process in a few weeks when we get a new President. The interesting part was that in the beginning President Vecchi announces who will teach a ´practice´10 minute lesson in front of every. Guess which companionship it was? Yes, me and Sister Ferreira. I had no idea what was going on. I just heard my name and someone pointed at where I should sit. I turned to Sister Ferreira and whisped, ´what the heck are we doing?´Ohhhh yeah, she doesnt speak english. I didn´t know if it was a first visit, second visit, baptism interview or what... Sooooo, obvs I just relied on the Spirit to teach (and know what the heck we should do). I was basically on the verge of tears the entire time, either from nerves (my mission president was staring at me!) or the holy ghost. All in all, we pulled through and in the critique everyone said it was perfect because it was simple and to the point (well that is the only way i know how to speak portuguese!)

Some greaaaatttttt things about this week:
-Sister Ferreira and I went to the neighborhood cairo this last week (30 minute bus ride). We taught a lesson with a man and a woman. The man had no teeth. I couldnt understand a word he said. He had faith and wanted to learn more though. We were there for about 30 minutes and then we said we had to go. So we asked if he would pray. Sister Ferreira taught in how to pray and he said okay. He prayed for 10 minutes straight, He was kneeling down, facing the wall and screaming/crying at the top of his lungs. The house was really small and was extremely echoy... i literally had to plug my ears. To add to that, there were about 30 flies on me at once, and a donkey barking right outside their house. It was a different experience to say the least.

-Speaking of flies, Sister Ferreira and I visited a less active member and we walked into her house and there were 5 man-made wooden crates in the front yard. The second we stepped in her front yard, the crates started barking and rolling around, and moving towards us. Turns out there were huge dogs in them. I couldn~t even see what type of dogs were in these crates, but im guessing huge attack dogs. I hate dogs. Then we walked in her house and on the couch there were remnants of raw meat and thousands of flies. It literally looked like a person had died on that couch and the flies/attack dogs had eaten the majority of that person. But, it turns out it was just meat from yesterdays lunch. gross. i use hand sanitizer like none other.
 love you lots, the work is amazing. i am so grateful to be here. thank you for your prayers.

-sister clark

1- i found sweedish fish in my apt! who knows how old they are but they are soooo yummy! my brazilian companion didnt dare touch them cause she thought they were fish in a bag
2-dias dos namorados- aka valentine~s day. the official day is tomorrow. im sure itll be all fireworks and magic.
3- tan line. i love my chacos.
4- MY FIRST BAPTISM!! sister ferreira, andreia, and me! saturday afternoon.

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