13 May 2012

May 9, 2012

Fam Bam,

Happy belated birthday Christina!!
This week has been good. Instead of teaching a TRC lesson, we got to be the investigators and have missionaries that are a week behind us teach us. That was pretty interesting to be that perspective. It REALLY made me realize how important the holy ghost is. These missionaries that were teaching us were so nervous and scared that their sentences did not make any sense at all. Really kind of sad (and I'm sure I sound the same way). But I now feel bad for all my investigators I will have for my first transfer out in the field.

Elder Godoy, a member of the Seventy over Brazil came to speak to us at devotional. That was pretty cool since I know his daughter from BYU and we went to the Brazilian Festival in Utah together. He talked about living in the present and future right now. He said we should be living the life that we will be proud to tell other people about and to not have any regrets. Obviously that applied to everyone in the auditorium, but it has definitely helped me focus, and ask myself, "is this something that will help me in the future?" He also talked about his conversion story- he was a hippie long haired kid that all the other missionaries had dismissed and deemed "non investigator material", emphasizing the fact that we need to give everyone a chance.

My companionship this week has been amazing, every lesson we teach the teacher says that we work really well together. Thats probably due to the fact that we are really good friends and there are no problems between us. I will do anything to be friends with my future companion in the field so I can mirror this type of teaching.

I just found out my district was the last of the districts to be a 6 weeker. Now they are in the evaluating phase. I consider myself lucky!

In other news: Here's some TMI.
I have 3 new roommates. Two of them are brazilians. One is going to my mission. The other one is from Portugal. Here's a cultural experience:
To set the mood: In class on thursday we studied and taught the law of chastity.
 My Portugual roommate showered then walked out of the shower with her towel and started talking to me in portuguese (90 percent of my understanding of portuguese is body language). She dropped her towel and started walking around the room naked. Yes I have a European roommate! She continued being nakey for 10 mintues. So after freaking out in my mind, I went out of my room and got my friend Sister Ramirez who speaks spanish and english, she came back into my room and told this sister that that wasn't acceptable here at the mtc. Somehow its not awkward around this portuguese sister. But the awkward thing about the whole thing is that the MTC president's wife came by to talk to me (she talks to me everyday about being a solo sister) and so I told her what had happened.I told her it was definitely a cultural experience/ pretty funny/ but mostly awkward Now every senior missionary couple comes up to me and asks me how my roommates are doing with a smile. Its pretty funny... but mostly awkward.

love you lots!
and thank you so much for the letters! they are awesome! keep it up fam and friends!
-sister clark

the picture is of me and my companions elder dilworth (left) and elder hunt (right) at the sao paulo temple today.

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