28 May 2012

May 28, 2012


im in vitoria da conquista, bahia! heres a long email for you with no puncuation except for periods cause thats all i know how to do. ill start from the beginning.

ive been sick for the last week and a half, so thats been SUPER fun. on saturday and sunday  (week ago) i had a fever of 101, and a fever of 99 with medicine. hmmmm, that wasnt too good. and i had to speak in church and say the closing prayer for the devotional on sunday night. i felt awful, but people said i made sense. i havent been able to hear out of my ears well for the past week either.

that in mind, i left on tuesday morning for salvador. we left at 530 am. we met my mission president, had lunch, and went through training. There were 15 new missionaries in my group, 3 of us were american and the rest brazilian. That night I met my companion, her name is Sister Ferreira (in portuguese the rr sounds like an h, so basically fe-hair-ra, fyi) She is Brazilian, shes 32 and was an elementary school teacher before her mission. She has been out for 8 months. She also doesnt speak any english. That night we caught a bus to Vitoria da Conquista, it was a 10 hour ride. I literally felt like we were in a bus that was full of people wanting to cross the mexican american border. It was a great way to start the next day!

Wednesday- we arrived at the bus station at 630 and then went to our zone meeting. I didnt really understand much, but sister ferreira explained it to me after. After that, I unpacked for a bit, then we went to lunch at a members house. The missionaries here eat lunch or investigators house every day then have lessons and everything else from 1 to 930pm. From 1 to 930 it was all lessons. All I could do was share my testimony. I prayed and hoped that I was sharing my testimony on a doctrine that my companion had talked about, because I really couldnt understand anything. It was amazing to see that everyone here is so willing to hear the gospel.

i dont have much time: heres the jist: i got even more sick on thursday night, and i went to the hospital, they gave me an iv and gave me drugs that idk what they even were. i got a little better, but im still back to having an awful cold that wont go away with medicine.

i struggle with the language everyday but i know to put my trust in the lord in everything and if im patient i will be able to know the things i need to know.

some strange things: in my area we have water in my apartment every other two days. everyone wears bland, old, ratty clothes. i dont wear makeup, i dont do my hair because it attracts too much attention. ive never lived my life like this, but i now fit in with the rest of the people.

the most pleasant thing to my ears is american music on the radio thats blasted outside our apartment everyday along with fireworks. i wonder, if they let sisters in this area, whats is it like for the elders.
i know this work is wonderful, and i know why i am here. i already love the people, and there have been countless miracles in less than a week. i struggle everyday with the language and lifestyle here since is it completely different.

i love all of you and thank you for your prayers, they have definitely helped.

-sister clark

view from my apartment

me with Irma Jardim

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