02 May 2012

May 2, 2012

Yo, kenz, yo alive? I don't know if i already emailed this, but thank you so much for that letter, i read it on the plane and it was so freakin good. Girl, you gots talent!
This week:
My companions and I taught TRC on saturday. On saturdays the Brazilian members come in. We were really prepared for the scenario they gave us. We prayed a ton and practiced a lot. We walk in the room and there are 5 people, 2 teenage girls, 2 teenage boys and an older man. Blah, blah, blah, I say the prayer and in the prayer they all start laughing at my accent. So that killed the Spirit. It made me so frustrated. I wasn't even trying to say hard words, I was sticking to a simple prayer that I knew. Then we started teaching them, and all they were interested in doing was correcting our portuguese. So it was definitely not ideal. I was praying so hard while teaching and literally begging for the Holy Ghost to come. It took so much effort, but it finally came into the room when I was sharing an experience about how faith in Jesus Christ had healed me (my heart, that one time I had to have a priesthood blessing). So OBVIOUSLY i started bawling. Soon after that, the lesson ended. We talked with one of the teachers (who didn't speak english) and i just said i was frustrated with those investigators not taking it seriously. She thought I was crying cause I was so mad at them. So that whole day ALL the female instructors would come up and give me a hug. Oh man, it was so awkward. Miscommunication.... .But I'm glad it happened. It made me realize how important the holy ghost is and how sensitive I am to his guidance.
We had a devotional on sunday and a very enthuastic stake president came to speak. He made me (the only one) read in portuguese in front of the whole ctm. Wow, pretty nerve racking. But everyone said I read well. That was a good boost from TRC!
At our devotional on tuesday we watched a dvd of Elder Bednar speaking to the provo ctm (it seemed pretty recent) He spoke about how we live our lives by three things: doctrine, principles, and applications. doctrine: truth revealed by Heavenly Father essential to us. Its simple and  fundamental. Principles are guidlines that come from a doctrine fo rht righteous exercise of moral agency. Applications are what we do. These three things are how we should teach, for example: d: plan of salvation, p" obedience. a: tithing. I really liked this talk and wanted to write down everything he said word for word if i could. its such a good framework for lessons. 
Sister Lysenko and my 2 brazilian roommates left on tuesday morning. So now I am alone in my room aka I have to have a slumber party with other sisters until I get roommates. I know this week I will definitely not be getting a companion, but I'm pretty chill with that. 
My district also almost got into an all out fight with our district leader. It was pretty scary how heated it got. My district leader (Elder Swift, who is also going to salvador south) said investigators dont need friends in order to be baptized and that we don't need to be their friend, we should just teach them the lessons. A lot of teachers had to come in to stop it cause it was so out of hand. But yes, that is my district leader, and yes, I'm pretty sure we are getting a bad reputation here. Oh well, I'll just do the best I can do.
Love you lots,
Sister Clark

ps- pic is of me and sis lysenko and sis ramirez. we pretty much dominated the sister's hallway. sis ramirez learned english from sis missionaries, so all she knows is slang. so obviously, she fits right in with me and lysenko! 

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