16 May 2012

May 16, 2012

fam a lee,
last email from the ctm! who's excited for me? cause i am beyond excited! A tiny bit nervous, but I am so ready to get out there and apply everything I have been studying!
On  monday we went proselyting near the CTM, it was about a 10 block radius that we could walk. I prayed about street contacting and practiced with my roommates and any other brazilian I saw. That morning it was raining all day, so we were all nervous we wouldn't get to go. After a while, we found out we could go and I got my game face on and went out with my 2 Elders. We each had 2 copies of the Book of Mormon, so 6 in total. We talked to and gave out all 6 in the first hour. It was really fun and I didn't say the same memorized lines each time. Each Book of Mormon we handed out was a unique experience. It was easiest if I initiated the conversation because I'm a Sister, and we talked to 8 people in total. One woman didn't want the Book of Mormon cause she already had one at home. Another guy didn't want one cause he already had a Bible, he said he would start reading the Bible first before the Book of Mormon. I also stopped him while he was driving his car out of his parking space, so it was a bit rushed. The best experience was this one girl who said she would listen to our message. She talked to us for a bit and then said she didn't believe anything that the Mormons believed. One of my companions then asked, "well do you have any friends who would be interested?" She said yes and took a BoM. Once she had it in her hands she said she had a question. She paused for a bit (probably to ask the question in the most simple portuguese possible for us) and then asked do you believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth to atone for our sins and that He will come again? I answered her question asking her to read Alma 7:11-12 and then explained that Jesus Christ atoned for our sins and that He will come again and we need to prepare for the Second Coming by keeping the commandments. She had a look of shock on her face and could not believe that we believed in the same things that she believed in. It was pretty cool to see a change of heart happen in a matter of minutes.
We also had TRC on Saturday with the Brazilian members again. This time it went so well! We taught tithing, prayer, and scripture study. One girl, who was playing the part of the main investigator, could not read very well and when she read the scriptures she struggled a lot, her brother had to help her. She looked like she was about 12 years old. She was just trying so hard to read fluidly, and everyone could tell. I felt the Spirit so strong, I just hope that that is how my investigators will see me when I struggle to speak.
After TRC we got feedback from this one teacher Irmao Mauricio. He said that my companionship is really good at working together, teaching, and the language. So I count that as a win! He did say that my companion Elder Hunt was using the very pegar instead of pagar though when we were talking about tithing. pegar means to catch and pagar means to pay. He said now a days we need to be careful about pegar because it has a bad meaning because of a popular song. OBVIOUSLY i knew that song, its by michel telo and I even knew the dance to it. This teacher could not stop laughing and could not believe that I knew the song. After that day, ALL the teachers knew that I knew the dance to that song and they would all come up to me and ask if it was true. So now, I think I have a reputation at the CTM. I had also taught my Brazilian roommates how to dougie (its a chris brown dance), and they taught their districts and their teachers saw, and now all the teachers think I am an amazing dancer because of these 2 things. False. Regardless, I've been having a lot of fun here, and I'll be sad to leave. But I am so ready to be fluent in Portuguese, be in the outside world, eat good food, and invite/teach people the doctrines of Jesus Christ.
love you lots.

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